Aaron Rodgers Is Apparently Upset Players Aren’t Allowed To Run NFL Franchises

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/17/aaron-rodgers-frustrated-green-bay-packers/
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2:40 PM 04/17/2018

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is reportedly “frustrated” that players aren’t allowed to run NFL teams.

I know that’s a crazy revelation, but it’s the truth. Yahoo Sports reported the following:

While the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers isn’t in total disrepair, two league sources familiar with the quarterback’s mindset described him as both “frustrated” and “emotional” over a lack of communication from the front office prior to some significant decisions this offseason.

The arrogance behind Rodgers being frustrated by management making decisions without consulting him is crazy. He’s a quarterback that’s on the wrong side of 30. Is he talented? Yes. Is he one of the best players in the league? Yes. Should he dictating team policy? Absolutely not.

Imagine walking into your boss’ office tomorrow and complaining about company decisions. Better yet, imagine having it leak in the press instead. He’s not even handling it like a man. I’ve long said that Rodgers isn’t worth the inevitable headache, and it looks like I’m being proven right.

The Packers should drop Rodgers and look for solutions elsewhere.* That’s the obvious direction forward.

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*I’m definitely saying this with a rational mindset. It has nothing to do with being a Detroit Lions fan.

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