5 Deadliest COVID Districts All Have Dem Reps – Look Who Has the Worst One

Since nearly the beginning of the year, when news of COVID-19 and the pandemic it had created was first heard, everyone has seemed to do nothing except play the blame game. At first, it was directed at whoever or wherever the virus was thought to have come from.

However, this quickly transformed into the near-constant criticism of how leaders everywhere were handling the unprecedented crisis. And as it usually does, most of that blame fell right at the feet of President Donald Trump, at least according to the left. After all, as president, he’s supposed to be in charge of everything, right?

He’s been blamed for the shortage of masks our nation experienced within the first few months, regardless that it was Obama who used most of those for the H1N1 epidemic and then never replaced them.

Trump was criticized for closing our borders, especially to China, even though the virus originated from there. And of course, he was blamed for the spread because he refused to close everything, and I mean everything, down.

Instead, he left that decision up to local authorities, such as state governors, mayors, and municipal health departments. These would have a much better idea of how the virus affects their specific area or region than a man miles and miles away.

And while some have done an extraordinary job of keeping their citizens safe, as well as free, such as South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem, others haven’t had quite the success they hoped.

Take New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, for instance. Now, to be sure, any governor of New York would likely have a difficult time, as it is one of the most populated states in the nation, as would just about any mayor of New York City.

However, in partnership with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Cuomo has made some of the most erroneous mistakes due to COVID on record. You know, like sending known positive COVID cases into nursing homes filled with the nation’s most at-risk demographic.

But rather than criticize these leftist buffoons, most Democrats would still rather blame President Trump.

One of the loudest of these voices is New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She has criticized Trump for everything from the economy suffering to COVID deaths. And this makes a recently published bit of news especially interesting.

Did you know that of the five most deadly congressional districts due to COVID in the nation, all of them are represented by Democrats? But even more fascinating is that the very worst of them is ran by none other than AOC herself.

No joke.

According to Harvard Universities COVID-19 Metrics for the United States Congressional Districts project, as of the end of September, AOC’s 14th Congressional District has “3.09 confirmed COVID deaths per 1,000 people.”

Here she is, blaming President Trump for how he has handled COVID-19 when all the while, her very own neighborhood is the deadliest of them all!


Now, I do have to note that AOC likely has little to do with how COVID has affected her district or how many people have died from it. House representatives don’t actually do much “running” of anything in their community. Instead, their job is to give the people who live there a voice in our nation’s capital.

While there are certainly things she has done – and done poorly – that affect her community, COVID regulations are not one of those, as she doesn’t have any authority to implement or enforce them.

Instead, the only thing we can blame for these deaths is the population density. As with the other four most deadly districts, all of them are located in New York City and happen to be some of the most densely populated than anywhere in the nation. The sheer number of people living and working in close proximity is undeniably the reason for the deaths.

We can no more blame AOC than we can the man on the moon. You know, kind of like how we can’t blame President Trump for those deaths either.

As president, he has done all that he can to ensure that we are kept safe. But like it or not, he is not God. He cannot control how many die or get sick from COVID no more than AOC can.

But as Western Journal editor-in-chief George Upper says, “The narrative on the left is that politicians are responsible for it as long as the politicians are Donald Trump.”

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