Americans Are Tired of Biden Voters Destroying Cities, Support for Racial Protests Dropping

According to recent polls, Americans are losing their tolerance for the constant protests and riots. The leftists are starting to grow weary and it is reflected in the numbers. The American people were more than happy to lend their support at first. That’s because the average American is a good and decent person who has respect for those who are seeking justice.

However, the past few months have been a tough ask. People are being told that they cannot complain about American cities being burnt to the ground because that’s a racist point of view. Anyone can see how enraging this mindset would be. People with legitimate complaints about the current state of affairs get shouted down on an everyday basis now.

The public’s patience has been tested severely. There are very few people who are going to have the stomach to deal with riots for this long. Outside of the radical left, no one is going to want to tolerate this. Any support that Biden or Harris was offering on the matter is contingent on the polls and the left knows it.

They may pretend that they do not understand their reactions but that’s the way it goes. When it seemed like the American people were all about the protests, the Democrat leadership was gung-ho. Now that enthusiasm is waning, you are going to start seeing Democratic leaders thinking twice about offering support.

That’s all this comes down to. No one truly cares about the plight of minorities, at least not on the left side of the aisle. It’s all political theater and Biden will start cracking down the second the polls tell him to. That man has never had an opinion that he didn’t source from someone else. Even the Associated Press is reporting on the increased level of American malaise.

A poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that 44 percent of Americans disapprove of the current protests. These numbers are dwindling quickly. Over 50 percent of Americans were in favor of the protests as recently as June. The newest polls were not conducted before the recent Breonna Taylor decision, so there is a chance that the numbers could have changed.

Once the Taylor decision was handed down, the nation reacted. Protests broke out in any major American city that you can name. Authorities made dozens of arrests because people were found to have been damaging businesses. Curfew was established so that the officers would have a leg to stand on. As soon as people refused to disperse, things got very ugly.

None of this is coming as a surprise who has been paying close attention throughout the course of the year. There’s a number of tweets about the matter and they sum it up perfectly. The movement is withering because people are tired of being yelled at and they are tired of being called racist because it does not make them happy to see buildings being destroyed.

The left might get people to go along with them if they were willing to explain their points in a manner that anyone could understand. Instead, they are very shrill and they act as if anyone who does not go along with them isn’t as smart as them. No one is going to listen to anyone who is either addressing them in an angry manner or belittling their level of intelligence. This isn’t something that has to be explained to most people, though.

Public support is going to be nonexistent if people continue to act like this but the left isn’t very good at picking up on these signals. They like to think that they can shout everyone down or call them a racist. That hasn’t worked out very well yet but that is not stopping anyone. Maybe the poll numbers will finally slap this crowd back to reality. At a certain point, enough is enough.

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