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And the Winner is…States Aren’t Saying When They’ll Tell

November’s elections will have everyone waiting around with bated breath. Will it be Trump or Biden? Well, states don’t want anyone to get their hopes up. Don’t expect to know anything soon. Let’s build up that anticipation a bit more, shall we?

Election officials in some of the top battleground states aren’t answering the questions on when results will come in on the General Election. Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are keeping silent – and a Wisconsin official has said that timing is “uncertain.”

Although millions of dollars are being spent on equipment to help improve voting and quicken results, there’s still uncertainty about when results would be provided. Investments are even being made to recruit and train poll workers – particularly as it pertains to counting absentee ballots.

So, what’s the problem? Well, it’s the pandemic, the mail-in ballots, and so much more.

This could arguably be one of the most critical presidential elections since the Dems are desperate to get Trump out while the GOP is considered of the Dems trying to rig the elections. No matter who wins, the other side is going to point fingers and argue that it’s not accurate.

Meanwhile, it’s impossible to get a straight answer out of some of the biggest states.

Accuracy and timing are of the utmost importance – especially in states like Florida and Arizona that are notorious for helping to decide who the president will really be.

Election officials in some of the battleground states have repeatedly been asked when results will be provided once the polls close on November 3.

Hours? Days? Weeks? No one knows.

Reid Magney, an election official in Wisconsin broke it down for the Daily Caller News Foundation, saying that they’re not certain at this point.  “A typical Wisconsin election is over 3 million ballots, which is over 70% of the voting-age population. It depends on what percentage of those voters vote absentee.”

That seems to be the real question. Absentee ballots are used when people can’t make it to the polls. Well, a pandemic is certainly a reason not to make it to the polls, especially when people who are in the high-risk segments are told to stay home. It’s no wonder why Trump is concerned about the mail-in ballots. It certainly provides ways for the Dems to cheat. All it takes is mailing in a few hundred ballots from certain states to cause a sway in the numbers.

Many states are already preparing for record amounts of absentee ballots. As for whether they can provide accurate and timely delivery of the results, though, it is dependent on how many ballots are actually received. Hiring and training during a pandemic aren’t the easiest. Not too many people are raising their hands and asking to be placed in an area where a lot of people are going to enter.

North Carolina doesn’t seem to think they’ll have a problem. They’re stating that they can provide results on election night. Why can they do it when other states are saying they’re not sure? According to official Pat Gannon, it’s because of expanding early voting as well as their campaigns to recruit and train more poll workers.

Well, it seems like some of the other states need to get their priorities straight. Saying “I don’t know” isn’t an acceptable answer when it comes to election results.

It should be something simple: Trump or Biden. The states have been dealing with the pandemic for months. They’ve known that the election would happen no matter what. Yet, they can’t figure it all out. Even their summer elections for primaries have been an epic fail, with many questioning whether the numbers are accurate.

People are going to turn out for the polls. People want their voices heard. The polls have one job: Count everyone. That can’t be that hard to figure out, can it?

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