AOC Barking Like a Mad Dog Over USPS Fight

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks she has what it takes to fix the problems with the United States Postal Service. Her business experience comes from her time spent working at the bars. Every poor soul that spilled their lives before her must have somehow given her the credentials of a know-it-all. The self-proclaimed consultant is now trying to dup Americans into helping the USPS solve their problems so her party can flood the system with fraudulent ballots.

Her insane push for every American to help their postal employee maintains that they even want help in the first place. She wants people to show up and try and volunteer at the post office. This idea is not even feasible because no one is going to take that security risk. No business would ever let a volunteer into the back because of the threat they become to the company’s well-being.

Ocasio-Cortez appealed to the brotherly love that people should have for each other. This method of trying to get people to volunteer is ill-timed as the country is in a state of distress because of the riots that the AOC supports. She stated, “First of all, that love for the community, for the postal service, just shows how essential it is for our country.”

She acts like the country is full of stupid people because she is trying to dumb down her thoughts. This only shows how Democrats view others. They think of them as ignorant people that cannot take care of themselves.

She stated the obvious: “Now, postal service workers are highly trained professionals, the mail is so sensitive, people’s medicine is in it, people’s money is in it, so I don’t know about volunteering to touch people’s mail.” Then she should not even be suggesting such an idea.

She maintains that the postal workers are going through a lot of trying times right now. But that is only because her party is forcing them down a path that they do not want to go down. She thinks that compassion and understanding are what the postal people need right now, but what they need is for Ocasio-Cortez and her witchy mentor to leave the company alone and stop interfering with how they do things.

The USPS has to make their own decisions on how to balance their budget. They do not need the $25 billion from the House to make ends meet. No amount of money can solve the problems they are facing. That money will be wasted if real change is not made from within the company.

The more the Democrats interfere in the affairs of the USPS, the worse it is going to get for the company. Louis DeJoy is the Postmaster, and he believes that cutting back on staff and restructuring is the only way for the USPS to make lasting changes that will pay off in the long-term.

The AOC and the media see this decision as something wrong because it keeps them from being able to flood the system with their fraudulent ballots. Every person seems to have an opinion on how to solve problems. But those problems are never as easy to fix as they seem.

President Trump faced the same attacks when the pandemic hit. The Democrats all had their own ways of trying to fix the problem. But none of their ideas ever worked. It just made things worse.

The president had a plan, and it worked. DeJoy has a plan for the USPS, and it will work as long as people like the AOC and Nancy Pelosi keep their meddling fingers out of the process. The deadly AOC wants to see the workers get their pay and overtime back. But that will never happen if the company does not solve the problem first.

The AOC acts as she cares. But when she opposes the construction of an Amazon plant in her district of New York, it would have provided hundreds of jobs to people who badly needed them. No one really believes that she now cares about people who have had their hours cut for a short time.

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