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AOC Still Coveting Presidential Position Because of Greed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that one politician that everyone loves to make fun of. She takes center stage as all Americans post cartoonish pictures of her on social media. Her demeanor demands no respect from anyone including her so-called colleagues of the Democratic National Convention.

She tried to oust Andrew Cuomo by staging a last-minute nomination to head the New York DNC and failed miserably. And now she is going after the Democratic presidential nomination by trying to insert Bernie Sanders as an alternative to dead old Joe Biden.

The power-hungry sick worm hates the idea of Joe Biden winning the delegate count needed to run for the White House. So, she is taking to the airways and announcing her intentions to push Sanders to the top. His appearance at the DNC is like a mother hen trying to protect her chicks.

She is trying to get her grandfather of socialism on the ticket for the Oval Office. She was Sanders’s biggest supporter, which seemed a little odd as she supported him during the primaries. Ocasio-Cortez acts like a surrogate mother to the old man being his biggest cheerleader.

The sad little freshman thinks she can knock off the big seniors that have ruled for decades. The presidential primaries were not kind to Bernie Sanders. He started to lose ground in what appeared to Democratic sabotage to unseat Sanders as he was beating Biden at every turn.

The bad little witch is also taking over the convention by having her sad face broadcasted as part of the night’s programming. CNN was the first media outlet to find out the news. It seems fitting that they would be informed first since they are paid by the DNC.

Her attempt at a takeover of the DNC will not go very far. Biden has won the delegate count that he needs to win the nomination. Sanders gave up like a whipped puppy. But that broke the heart of the surrogate mother because she vowed that day to vote for the man even though he already lost.

Ocasio-Cortez was part of a trio of chairs that tried to push Sanders to the top. Herself, John Kerry, and Sanders were the evil trio that is trying to take over the world. These three people are the keys needed to push a green new deal on the American people. A deal that would bankrupt a nation.

The DNC is to be a virtual event since the Democrats cannot get out of their castles because of the fear they have from COVID-19. Their beloved virus is keeping them from worshipping at the throne of their former god Obama. The beloved man that led their way to defeat in 2016 after Hillary Clinton lost to the greatest man the world has seen as president in many years.

The Democrats are going to be clogging up the internet for several hours in the coming days as they broadcast their mug shots around the world. The best thing that could happen during those four nights is for a massive power outage to happen. Millions of people in the 50 states and the seven territories would cheer in appreciation for the canceled event.

Joe Biden is the DNC torch bearer that is set to run into the stadium. He is supposed to be the future of the DNC. But that will only happen if he remembers to show up. Biden has forgotten many things over the past few months.

Joe Biden is the best that the DNC has to offer as the candidate for president. Obama has been reluctant to even help Biden, but it is thought that he will have a big speaking role during the convention. It is thought that he is going to give a pep rally talk to help his worshippers as they anticipate another loss to President Trump.

The hall will be filled with walkers and wheelchairs as the old members of the DNC fill the space. But then again, Their fear of COVID-19 will keep them all home and in their rockers. Someone will have to bring them their computers so they can stare at each other on a screen. Hopefully, Biden will remember to wear pants before logging onto the broadcast.

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