Attack & Beg: Welcome to the Ultimate Lib Behavior as Assault Suspect Begs for Money

You’re supposed to know right from wrong. You’re also supposed to know that if you attack someone, you’re likely going to get in trouble for it. That’s logical thinking. The libs left logic out of the equation a long time ago.

Marquise Love, a 25-year-old who is the suspect for knowing a man unconscious during a violent demonstration in Portland, is now seeking financial assistance on social media. That’s right. Not only is he wanted, but he also wants funds to help him escape from what he did.

There’s no more liberal behavior than this. Just blocks away from a Black Lives Matter demo happening, Love decided that he was going to attack a man in the middle of the street.

Love decided that he wanted social media to decide his fate. On SnapChat, he posted: “Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him.”

There are so many issues with this statement. “All I did was fight him.” As if fighting in and of itself isn’t a bad thing to do. Sure, all I did was kick him in the face. What did I do wrong? Well, the answer is in the question.

There’s video footage of Love’s attack on a man named Adam Haner. It shows that Haner got out of his truck to help a woman being mugged. The mob set on him and his girlfriend. They got in the truck again but crashed. That’s when Haner was pulled from the truck. The suspect, being identified as Love, punched and kicked Haner, including kicking him in the face.

Haner’s crime? Being a good Samaritan. Love’s crime? The list is long – and includes punching and kicking an innocent man as well as fleeing from the cops.

The attack on Haner left him unconscious. Onlookers tended to him until he was taken to the hospital. As for the video of the attack, it’s been all over social media.

Records that were provided to Fox News indicates that Love has a long rap sheet that dates back to at least 2012. So, violence is not something new to him.

Love can’t seem to get out of the problem he got himself into alone. He wants help. On social media, he is identifying that he doesn’t know why he is wanted by the police. He said he “might go to jail for murder.” He didn’t kill Haner, though. And since he hasn’t actually spoken with the cops, he doesn’t know what he’s wanted for. Perhaps he committed murder prior to attacking Haner. There’s really no way of knowing until Love actually sits down with the police.

Perhaps the worst part of all of this is that he’s begging for cash. He wants cash before he’s even been arrested. He’d rather knock a man unconscious, flee the scene, and beg for money than acting like an adult and telling his side of the story.

Why flee if you’re innocent? Oh, well that means you’re not innocent.

And the other libs are willing to go along with him. There’s even a Go Fund Me account set up for Marquise Love, who commonly goes by the name Keese Love. It was taken down, however, because the information used to set it up was false. The fund was identified to be to help Love who was “wrongfully arrested for fighting a racist.” He wasn’t wrongfully arrested and Haner, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, wasn’t a racist. Haner just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

When are the libs going to learn that they have to deal with the problems they create for themselves? If you’re going to kick someone in the face, you’re going to have legal problems to deal with. Somehow, though, common sense such as this has flown far away from the Dems because they don’t want to admit that they’re in the wrong.

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