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Biden Family’s Long History of Crimes — Why Haven’t They Been Arrested?

It has been implied numerous times that President Donald Trump continually abuses the powers of his current office, using them for personal gain rather than what they were intended for. As I am sure you have heard, one of the most recent examples of this abuse took place last week, when longtime Republican advocate Roger Stone was granted clemency by Trump, commuting him of a 40-month prison sentence.

Some, such as Democratic fire starter Adam Schiff, claim this as evidence that Trump has created “two systems of justice in America.” Naturally, this is yet another attempt to ruin the President’s chances at re-election.

However, it doesn’t take a professional investigator to figure out who is really playing favorites here. In fact, all one has to do is take a quick look at Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s immediate family to understand this.

Take his son, Hunter Biden, for instance.

As I am sure you are aware, Hunter has had in name in the headlines of mainstream media several times in the past. And none of them were necessarily good.

There is, of course, his refusal to pay child support when he was found to have fathered a child out of wedlock. The younger Biden claimed that he was bankrupt and, therefore, could not afford to do so. However, he was also living in a multimillion-dollar home, with no job and all the amenities wealth could buy.

You likely also know about his “alleged” crimes and corruption while being on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, where he was earning a nearly seven-figure paycheck for simply being related to Joe Biden.

But Hunter has also had multiple problems with drugs over the years. One of his first known offenses for this was way back in 1988 when he was just 18. Hunter was arrested for drug possession in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, but after a “pre-trial intervention” from his father, his record was somehow expunged.

And since he clearly was not taught any lessons, he has had several more run-ins with the law about the illegal use and possession of drugs. In 2014, he was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use. And then again, in 2018, he was allegedly charged with possession and use of crack at a strip club in Washington, D.C.

And yet every time, he walked, without so much as a night in jail or even a fine.

But Hunter isn’t the only criminal in the family.

Joe’s daughter Ashley has similar illegal tendencies.  In 1999, she was arrested for possession of marijuana. But her father’s position in the Senate got her out of any punishment. Then in 2002, Ashley was involved in a bar brawl, where she allegedly was throwing bottles. And when the police stepped in, she was charged with obstruction for making “intimidating statements.”

And what do you know, she never had any sort of repercussions for those actions.

Biden’s brother Frank has also been arrested a few times. Once for trying to steal two DVDs from a Pompano Beach Blockbuster video store in 2003 and another time for driving under the influence and with a suspended license.

His niece Caroline is also no stranger to offending the law. She has reportedly hit police officers, been arrested for driving drunk and without a license, and even used a stolen credit card to spend more than $100,000 in 2017. But she’s never spent a lick of time behind bars.

And, of course, we can’t forget about Sleepy Joe himself. Do we think it is a coincidence that he had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for looking into what his son Hunter was doing on that energy company board?

The fact of the matter is that nearly all of Biden’s family has committed crimes, some of them quite serious, and yet somehow none have had any severe consequences. In fact, they don’t even get charged half of the time.

So who’s really abusing power here?

Can you imagine what would happen if one of Trump’s family members, especially his children, were caught doing anything remotely similar? They’d pretty much be flogged in the town square, if not beheaded. And their father with them.

But not Biden or his relatives. Instead, mainstream media hides their unsavory acts, placing them on pedestals. Meanwhile, Trump and his family are turned into fascists dictators for daring to use to his power in a completely legal way.

I can’t say it enough: the hypocrisy is epic.

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