Biden is a Closet Racist. His History Speaks Volumes. See What This Black Civil Rights Attorney Had to Say

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell recently said that even if Black voters don’t like what he has to say, they would be well advised to pay more attention to him. Terrell, a huge Donald Trump supporter, recently had a conversation with Black conservative, Larry Elder, in which the two discussed Joe Biden’s history in the racial arena.

Terrell told Elder how Trump has broken records in his quest to improve the quality of life in America for Blacks. He also expressed how if Democrats claim to have such empathy for the plight of Blacks, they should be pleased with what the president has achieved in less than four years.

On the other hand, he said, “I see all these things that Donald Trump has done, and I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 30 years, I don’t know what Joe Biden has done for black people other than insulting blacks.”

When Donald Trump slashed taxes and splintered ridiculous regulations, the economy propelled to an all-time high. Terrell said Blacks were the primary beneficiaries as new jobs began opening up. In fact, Black unemployment reached record-breaking lows.

He further stated how Trump has made gigantic federal grants available to Black schools and universities, and how the “First Step Act’ has reduced prison sentences for thousands of inmates, 91% of who are Black.

Even Van Jones, a CNN news host, recently agreed how Trump has not received nearly enough credit for the work he has done to improve the lives of Black Americans.

When asked what Joe Biden was bringing to the table, Terrell’s initial answer was simply, “Not much.” Followed by, “I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 30 years and I don’t know anything Joe Biden has done.”

Back in the 1970’s Biden chummed around with other Democrat segregationists. Some referred to him as a brown-noser. The 1994 Crime Bill which has come under countless attacks by every civil rights group, was championed by the one and only sleepy Joe.

Biden recently had the audacity to say if a Black person is having a tough time deciding between him and Trump, “You ain’t Black.” He then said that unlike the Black community, the Latino community is very diverse.

Biden’s campaign forgets how Donald Trump was in the public eye long before he jumped into the political arena. He was already known by millions who had watched the man in action. He had already been seen mingling and conducting business with peoples of all races, and he treated everyone equally. Praises, insults, and all. Didn’t matter. You got what was coming to you.

Nowhere in Trump’s vast history is there even one negative racial incident, yet liberals are quick to point their fingers at the wrong guy. But some people get it. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that 46% of registered Black voters are pulling the red lever for Donald J. Trump.

That’s huge. The chances of any other Republican presidential candidate pulling 46% of the Black vote just does not exist. It’s never been done. Not in over 200 years’ worth of elections. So in reality, it would appear as though the Democrats are the only ones crying Trump is a racist, while at the same time bowing down to an old guy who is an actual racist. Makes perfect sense.

Democrats don’t want to hear from guys like Terrell. They prefer living in their fantasy world of misinformation where they can accuse everyone else of the things they are in fact guilty of. They obviously have not taken the time to investigate Trump’s past racial mishaps, of which there are none, versus those of Joe Biden, of which there are many.

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