Biden-Obama Gave Private Companies Access to Government Databases to Illegally Spy on Americans

If you are anything like us, you have been asking for more transparency when it comes to Barack Obama’s shady doings for some time now. Obama clearly provided information that was directly derived from the United States intelligence base. People want to know which entities have received this data and why.

Of course, we still have yet to learn the name of the entities in question. What we did learn is that FBI Director Christopher Wray would like to keep all of this going. When the FISA Court issued a stunning report back in 2017 that received no real attention from the public, we should have known what was coming next.

The publicity did not arrive until after the report had been in circulation for almost a year. The results of various FISA searches made by Obama’s NSA, FBI, and DOJ were made public. People should have been up in arms but the reaction was relatively muted. When you compare this reaction to how people treated any information about Trump and Russia, it will surely make you chuckle.

The unsealing of a FISA Court record back in 2017 revealed what most of us already knew. Barack Obama participated in criminal activities and used our nation’s entities to do so. The report was finished before the 2016 election even had a chance to take place. So why were we not told about what went down? That’s because the Democrats are always making sure that you are in the dark.

On the off chance that a story does come out, they make sure to do everything in their power to minimize it. It’s one of their oldest tricks but they try it time and again. Since their voters are about as gullible as it gets, it is easy to see why it keeps working so well. Americans should have been told in 2016 but the report was held for one year.

FISA mandates were abused under Obama, without any fear of recourse. When no one is actually willing to step up and put a stop to what you are doing, what is the motivation to stop? Barack hasn’t shown an ounce of remorse for these crimes, either. He pops up every so often to lecture America about the changes that he failed to make and that is about it.

The man had eight years to get his goals accomplished but now all he wants to do is point fingers at others. It’s not the best way to live. According to the FISA report, 85% of Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches that were made under Obama’s watch are considered to be unlawful. The FBI and DOJ illegally searched a sizable number of Americans during this time as well.

Now it’s probably a bit easier to see why so many people do not want to go back to the Joe Biden School of handling issues. Between him and Obama, a plethora of laws were broken but no one seemed to mind too much. When NSA Director Mike Rogers tried to bring the FISA abuses to the court’s attention, the Democrats tried their best to get him fired.

Rogers is also said to have tried his best to let Donald Trump know about the spying before he officially took office, during the months following his election win. The FBI has now classified the entire report. Gee, that doesn’t seem suspicious at all or anything. If you would like to see an expert dive into the situation, check out Sydney Powell’s FOX Business discussion from August.

Only one person has been formally charged so far, which is unbelievable when you really stop to think about it. For all of the hubbub that the Democrats have caused because they do not like the orange man, they do not seem to care about all of the wrongdoings that took place during the previous administration. It’s funny how that always seems to work when it comes to the leftists…

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