Biden Supporters Burn Down Apartment Building in Portland

Portland’s peaceful protesters have caused no shortage of trouble over the past few months. The city has refused all of the help that President Trump has to offer as well. Instead of putting a stop to the violence, Portland wanted to have one last hurrah. For their next trick, they decided to smash up the college that many of them probably attended: Portland State.

From there, the group of domestic terrorists took their show to a local Starbucks. What this establishment had done to anger them is anyone’s guess at this point. They smashed up the coffee shop, doused it with kerosene and prepared to torch it. There are 300 apartment units above Starbucks but this is not something that they were willing to consider.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office documented the destruction. “Unified Command: At 9 pm, individuals participating in a march from Director Park arrived at the PSU Public Safety Office. Some individuals broke windows to the Public Safety Office, and then turned their attention to the Starbucks at 1717 SW Park…” their thread began.

“…Individuals smashed windows and poured flammable liquid inside the business. Officers interrupted a potential arson. This gathering is still declared an unlawful assembly due to criminal activity occurring. Disperse to the south and west,” they continued. What were these people thinking when they did this?

It’s clear to see that thinking is not their strong suit. Portland State University is supposed to serve as an avatar of the systemic racism that these people claim to have experienced. How can that be when this university has been run by insane leftists for some time now? It’s like these people merely want to engage in destruction and then work backward to justify it.

Even the independent outlets are appalled. “Portland protesters tonight meet at Directors park and marched without a permit through downtown park blocks before arriving at Portland State University public safety building and damaging school buildings. Unlawful assembly has been declared. #Portland #portlandprotest,” tweeted the Independent Media PDX account.

Willie Halliburton serves as the chief of campus police (and also performs comedy on the side). He says that he is very disappointed with what has taken place here. The protests were supposed to be peaceful and now this university is left to pick up the pieces. Downtown businesses in Portland are now left to plan for whatever takes place.

They are boarding up all of their buildings because they are clearly anticipating a major Trump victory. The liberals are sure to take to the streets in rage if they do not get their way. They have been doing it all summer and fall, so why stop now? Even if they are told that they are smashing up items that have nothing to do with oppression, nothing seems to stop them.

Common sense just isn’t very common anymore. “Just took a quick loop in downtown Portland and this is what it looks like ahead of Election Day. Seem to be even more boarded windows than before,” said one concerned citizen. The cities that are taking these steps are very smart, though. Why wait for the inevitable to happen when you can prepare now?

Election protests are looming on the horizon. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not been paying close attention for the past few years. The liberals took to the streets with rage the last time Trump won the presidency. Those who believe that these businesses are going to be safe are merely deluding themselves at this point.

Portland is not the only city that is boarding up their businesses, in anticipation of some serious ugliness tonight. We wish that election day did not cause this level of anxiety but this is what America is now. Election Day is no longer a time to look forward to. Businesses are now being forced to prepare for this event as if it were an impending natural disaster of sorts. For shame.

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