Biden’s Teleprompter Gate! Need More Proof? Here We Go!

During a recent appearance in Duluth, Minnesota, Joe Biden was given the chance to speak with approved press and some campaign videographers. The staged event also gave Biden the chance to read off his beloved teleprompter. This presser is one of the worst jokes that we have ever seen. It’s like someone brought a Biden parody sketch to life.

The mainstream media does not want anyone to see these clips. That’s because they are all heavily invested in the idea that Joe Biden is fit to be president. Unfortunately for old Sleepy Joe, a photo from the event was leaked. That’s right, this man is still relying on a teleprompter. He wants people to think he can handle the questions but he cannot.

Less than 50 people showed up for the event as well. The media is not going to be thrilled about this. They are too busy trying to convince the rest of the country that Joe Biden has actually captured hearts and minds. In reality, all of his voters have the same flimsy reason for supporting him. They do not love Biden, they are simply happy that he is not Donald Trump.

That’s the sole reason that they have for voting against him. If you don’t believe us, you can go ahead and ask them. Chairs were set up at the event for reporters to use but they were not allowed to ask questions that had not been approved. That’s how they are able to keep Biden on task. He can’t be given the chance to deviate.

We have all seen what happens when Biden is left to his own devices. He trails off a lot and there’s a ton of gibberish being spoken. The distancing measures were a nice touch but we doubt that they were even necessary. There weren’t that many people in this room, to begin with. These journalists are supposed to have some form of integrity.

Instead, they are allowing Biden to pick the narrative, and then they are playing along with it. We just wish that some of these cowards had the ability to admit to their wrongdoing. They can’t just say that this whole campaign is being fueled by a collective hatred of Trump. The Democrats actually want people to believe that this election is about what is best for the country.

Wrong! It is about what is best for them. The level of interference that it took to even get Biden this far is too funny. This year has been dragging on for what seems like a decade but we are old enough to remember when Biden was struggling to even crack the top three during the primaries. The Democrat voters did not seem all that thrilled by his presence then.

It wasn’t until everyone else was cleared out that he was given somewhat of a fair shake. Think about it this way: there were just as many people who were probably going to vote for Mayor Pete or Elizabeth Warren before Biden muscled them out of his way. He called in the goons (i.e. Barack Obama) and had them removed before they had a chance to pose a real threat to him.

This is what happens when a party gets it in their heads that one candidate is the magic bullet. Biden is no better or worse than the other candidates that they were prepared to trot out. The only thing that he has working in his favor at this point is his name value. Unfortunately, he is teetering on the brink of infamy.

The man cannot make it through a softball interview without having a cheat sheet to look at. We shudder to think of what is going to happen once he is forced to sit down for an interview that is a bit less friendly. This clown show is almost over, at least. Not a moment too soon, either.

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