Bold Prediction: Rick Scott Says Republicans Will ‘Absolutely’ Get At Least 52 Senate Seats in Midterms

Senator Rick Scott (R.FL) declared Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, that Republicans “absolutely” will win control over the Senate in November’s midterm elections.

Anchor Chuck Todd stated that we are just 37 days away from the election. Your job also includes working with Senate Republicans to win the Senate. Do you think Republicans are on track for gaining control of Senate?

Scott stated that “My focus is hurricane relief, however absolutely I believe we are at 52 seats or more. Biden’s numbers look really bad. The Biden agenda was rejected by the people. We have many great candidates. Democrats need to defend what Biden did. Although I believe it will be a great November for Republicans. However, we must continue working hard every single day.

Todd asked, “Was Lindsey Graham mistaken to offer us an abortion ban at 15-weeks?” Do you think that would complicate matters?

Scott said that the Democrats have spoken a lot this year about it. Each candidate has spoken about it. Therefore, I believe it is important that people speak out about their position. This is happening state by state.

Todd replied, “You don’t think that this should happen at the federal-level?”

Scott stated that Scott was convinced it could be done. It is federal. All candidates are currently taking up positions. Since the Dobbs decision was announced, they have been filling positions. While I don’t know what Lindsey published, I’m sure it affected the conversation. However, I’m pro-life as you all know. I think reasonable restrictions should be in place. I believe people can live with 15 weeks, and exceptions for rape and incest as well as the life of the mother.


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