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Breaking: Disturbing video captures car ramming officers at protest in Buffalo, New York

Two officers were struck by a vehicle as a group of law enforcement officials were responding to protests over the death of George Floyd in Buffalo, New York.

Startling video of the heinous incident was caught on video and circulated widely on social media on Monday. The officers can be seen running to get away from the SUV as it accelerates through the intersection.

One of the victims was a Buffalo police officer and the other was a New York state trooper.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told WGRZ-TV of Buffalo that in addition to the two officers being struck by the car, another two persons were shot in the same vicinity.

“There was no altercation that precipitated the vehicle mowing into police officers, but that is still under investigation,” said Brown.

Brown went on to indicate that police believe the two persons who had been shot were in the vehicle that ran through the police line. He said that one of the suspects was in custody and the other was hospitalized.

Both officers were transported to Erie County Medical Center and both are in stable condition, according to Brown.

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