BREAKING: Supreme Court denies pro-Trump bid to nullify election results in Pennsylvania

The U.S. Supreme Court
rejected a bid by Republican allies of President Donald Trump to undo the election results in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Republican state lawmakers had requested their petition to be seen by the U.S. Supreme Court but that was denied without proving any reasoning or offering any dissent to the order.

The allies of the president had charged that the Republican-controlled legislature had improperly passed an act to allow universal mail-in balloting, which they said was in violation of the state’s constitution.

That was denied by the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court, which said that the challenge was filed too late.

The plaintiffs’ demand before the U.S. Supreme Court was that either more than 2.5 million mail-in ballots be nullified in the election, or that the results of the entire election be nullified.

Lawyers for the state were outraged against the demands from the plaintiffs.

“Petitioners ask this court to undertake one of the most dramatic, disruptive invocations of judicial power in the history of the Republic,” said the state of Pennsylvania. “No court has ever issued an order nullifying a governor’s certification of presidential election results.”

The Supreme Court rejected that demand without a hearing, allowing the election results in Pennsylvania to stand.

The petition, led by Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly (R) and GOP congressional candidate Sean Parnell, was considered one of the last-ditch efforts to thwart the officially recognized results of the election and its defeat seriously injures the president’s efforts.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf already has certified Joe Biden’s victory and the state’s 20 electors are to meet on Dec. 14 to cast their votes for Biden.

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