Bring on the Peace! More Troops Scheduled to Come Home

What? Troops are being sent home because there aren’t any immediate military threats overseas? This can’t possibly be the case since the Trump administration doesn’t do anything right, right?

One of the reasons why there are so many troops overseas to begin with is because of the mess that Obama got us into for eight years. And his sidekick, Joe Biden, voted for the war, too.

Donald Trump promised to bring the troops home – and this is a promise that he’s steadily been making good on for the past four years. So many liberals want to get up into the faces of MAGA supporters and demand what good Trump has done. Ask any military troop that question. The troops are coming home.

Trump is capable of bringing so much peace that he was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – and no, he didn’t nominate himself.

The top US commander in the Middle East has made the announcement that 2200 US troops will be withdrawing from Iraq by the end of the month. It’s a beautiful thing – and the troops are certainly excited about it.

Marine General Frank McKenzie made the announcement in Baghdad next to the Iraqi Minister of Defense. The troop reduction was decided while consulting with the Iraqi government. McKenzie explained that the troop presence will drop from approximately 5,200 to 3,000. Further, he says that “This reduced footprint allows us to continue advising and assisting our Iraqi partners in rooting out the final remnants of ISIS in Iraq and ensuring its enduring defeat.”

The military presence will still be there, even after there was a deadly American airstrike that took place over Baghdad.

President Trump and the Pentagon helped with the withdrawal – and Trump is the one who pledged to get the US out of the “endless wars.” It’s a stark contrast to Joe Biden, who voted in favor of getting the US involved in the Iraq War in 2002.

This is an area where Trump shines in comparison to many of the other administrations. Troops have been coming home instead of leaving home. Trump reminded Americans of this last month when he accepted the Republican presidential nomination. While speaking at the White House, he said, “Unlike previous administrations, I have kept American out of new wars and our troops are coming home.”

In addition to the troops that will be leaving Iraq, more are expected to leave Afghanistan in the coming weeks. There are still approximately 600 troops in Syria, though it’s not anticipated that those numbers will change anytime in the immediate future according to a senior defense official.

McKenzie identified that one of the reasons for being able to comfortably decide to withdraw troops is because of the partnership that the United States has with Iraqi forces and the confidence that is in place with the Iraqi Security Forces and their “ability to operate independently.”

The US troops have been inside of Iraq since 2003 when President George W Bush ordered the invasion. At the height of the Iraq War, in 2007, there were approximately 170,000 US troops in the country. Although Obama declared an end to the war in 2011, he sent troops back in 2014 to fight ISIS.

This month marks the first time since 2016 that US troops are being withdrawn.

Finally, peace. The Dems don’t want to admit it, but the president responsible for finally establishing some peace within the world is President Donald Trump. They may not like the man, but he has made a difference – and every person who has served the military or knows someone who has deployed recognizes what Trump has done.

Bringing peace is worthy of being reelected. No one wants another war. No one wants to see more troops being deployed overseas. Trump has made his promise to stop the “endless wars” while Biden only has a long history as a Senator of voting to send troops out to war.

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