California Can’t Catch a Break: Wildfires, High Prices and Blackouts Amid Pandemic

Californians are in deep trouble and there is no way the Democrats can solve the problems. They have survived wildfires, blackouts, and very high gas taxes. They are dealing with these issues while working through a heap of lockdowns that are destroying the economic part of the state. These are the things that are happening as a result of the Democrats running the state.

Right now, 33 wildfires are roaring in the northern part of the state. The fires are a result of an intense heatwave. As a result, people are turning down their air conditioners in an attempt to cool off.

Californians faced the same conditions early last year before Newsom dropped power service to millions of people. The wildfires, high gas taxes, and the economic problems are the consequences form the liberal choices not to run the state the way it needs to be done. The Democrats and their insane rules and regulations are turning the state into a third-world environment.

When the virus showed things spiraled out of control, thousands of people are facing significant economic problems because Newsom will not open the state. His fear of the illness is affecting his ability to make good choices for the people. Democratic rule strangles the growth and freedom that people have.

Newsom loves money since he continues to raise taxes. The problem he is creating is that no one has money because they have not been working. So, the figures he is promoting will be distorted because people have been out of work for months. There is just no end to sludge that is being piled up on the people.

At some point, Newsom needs to declare a state of emergency and reach out for President Trump’s help. But his ego and pride will keep him from taking action on behalf of the people. Democrats cannot ask for help. It is against their nature. They think that they have all the answers to every problem. But everything they do makes things worse.

For some strange reason, Newsom continues to think that the answer to his problems is to take it out on the people. The fires that are tearing the state apart can be managed by proactive ground care. Actively removing the dried ground cover will keep it from burning in the dry season.

But that way of thinking alludes Newsom because he is locked into his reality that he is always right. He is handling the power outages by instituting a forced rolling blackout. He has actively neglected the need to grow his power sector as the regions grew in population. He has no backup plan for the loss of a significant power plant and the fires’ destruction of relay centers.

Newsom must learn that his problems have only compounded each other because of his ignorant approach to governing well. A state governor must know when it is time to reach out to the federal government for help, even when the leaders do not get along.

President Trump has solved problems very similar to those that Newsom is facing. Instead of punishing people, Newsom needs to reach out to people who have the knowledge to work through them before they become unsolvable problems.

Democrats think that raising taxes is the way to solve a budget gap. But that is not always the answer. He is trying to get money from people that have no money because they have been out of work since the start of the year. Kevin Slagle, the Vice president of communications for the Western States Petroleum Association, has stated, “The bottom line is that the first $1.12 per gallon paid at the pump goes to ever-increasing state taxes and to California’s extensive regulatory regime.”

Newsom has put the state on a path to have extremely high unemployment. He will try and blame President Trump for his failures, but in the end, everyone will know the truth. History will align his name with failure. Newsom needs President Trump’s help, but time will tell if he will swallow his pride and let the masterwork out his problems for him.

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