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Candace Owens: ‘Black America has a problem with wanting to be cool.’ Guest: Kingface

On this episode of The Candace Owens Show, Candace Owens sat down with Rapper Kingface on Sunday and tackled the tough issues black Americans face today. Other topics included music, culture, and what it means to be black Americans.

In this clip, Owens brought the heat, calling out celebrities and other influential role models today rap and hip hop music. Ownes explained how today’s standard in rap music reinforces a disrespectful message. Music that encourages and rewards a culture of disrespect.

“F the police, call the females b******s? How can our youth flourish when we’re teaching, promoting, celebrating, and applauding disrespect,” Owens asked? She added that recent Black Lives Matter riots ultimately led to burned down neighborhoods in the name of George Floyd that were utterly unrelated to George Floyd.

Guest and Rapper Kingface noted the typical mentality among young black Americans is the need to “be cool,” which leads to bad behavior.

Owen later illustrated how music shapes culture and compared lyrics from a popular Temptations song from the 1960s to words from the top rap song of today.

What else?

Kingface is known for bringing a message of truth and hope to black communities across the country.

Watch the video for the full scoop.

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