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Change My Mind: COVID numbers vs. flu season

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Similarly, when hospitals learned that they could report themselves money that would herald the end of the republic.In both cases, whether people vote themselves money or hospitals falsely report a patient’s cause of death for money, one can’t help noticing a common theme.Think about all of the lives affected by the COVID mortality rate that set state lockdowns in motion. Lockdowns resulted in devastated families, small businesses, and communities. One must ask themself: Would you be angry over the millions left unemployed if it turns out the COVID-19 death rate is no worse than a typical flu season?One of the few conservative voices that challenged C.D.C. statistics has been Steven Crowder. In the latest installment of Change My Mind, Steven took to the streets of Dallas, Texas, to ask passers-by what they thought about COVID numbers vs. flu season.

Taken from the brand-new Change My Mind! Watch it HERE: Also, remember to wear your mask all the time! They’re most effectiv…

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