China Unleashed Virus and is Now Holding a Cure Over the World’s Proverbial Head

China’s duplicity is making its way around the world as their true intentions behind the coronavirus are known. Late last year, they released a virus on the world that has since killed millions of people. They tried to cover it up, but there was too much evidence that pinned the fault on their horrible leaders.

Their reluctance to tell the truth about COVID-19 has led many to speculate that China has ulterior motives. But when the murderous nation kicks out reporters and attacks people telling the truth, one can only think about the intentions behind why they developed the virus.

China has long sought to steal information and research from the United States. Their lustful desire to excel beyond the might of the United States is going to be their undoing. They don’t have the smarts to deal with virology on a sophisticated level.

Some speculations have been made about the possibility that China released the virus on the world to seize power over other countries that will need a vaccine or help treat their sick. A few records show that China tried to buy all the medical supplies to sell them back to the countries that needed them. This action supports the notion that there is a deeper motive behind the release of COVID-19.

In Beijing, leaders have come out and now stated that they are willing to share their vaccines with nations they are strategically aligned. They will give their version of the vaccine to countries that agree with them. For everyone else in the world, they will have to wait for a different vaccine to be developed.

Their offer to help is nothing more than an attempt by them to try and repair their image. China loves its image. They will only publish things that present a positive image of the government and country. Anyone that speaks negatively about the government is made to disappear or gets sent to indoctrination camps.

The intentions behind China’s willingness to work with countries such as Russia, Pakistan, Brazil, and others show they are trying to bribe them into admitting that the territorial claims in the South China Sea are legitimate. The deals that they are reaching are all pointed in that direction.

China is blackmailing others into agreeing with the claims in the region. They tell these other countries that they agree with their demands, or more of their people will die because they will not give them the vaccine. China is all about money and controlling people.

If they can strike up a deal in their favor, they can bully the other party into making significant concessions that will only benefit China.  The president broke off all deals with China because it was discovered that they were not living up to their end of the trade agreement. So President Trump killed the deal and put them under tariffs to teach them to be fair.

Each one of the countries that they are dealing with is being handed a private deal. China is detailing each treaty to meet the needs that are specific to those countries. But after all the lies and fake news that has come out of China, it would be hard to ever trust them again under the current leadership.

The race for a cure continues. The nations dealing with China would be better off working with the United States. At least then they could trust in the fact that they are being treated fairly.

China unleashed the virus in the world. And there is evidence that it is not a freak outbreak from nature, but that it is manufactured in a lab. The virus attacks every climate zone at once, instead of the colder zones as all the other coronavirus strains do.

China refuses to deal fairly with people. That is their mission in life. They will take what they can from others and leave the hurt to die. The president stated that “They could have stopped the plague. They could have stopped it. They didn’t stop it.” Instead, they let it out and killed countless numbers of innocent people.

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