Civil Rights Leader: ‘Voting for Biden is Being Blind to History’

Biden wants to tell all black people that they’re “not black” if they vote for Trump. He wants to make himself out to be the savior of the black community. After all, he was the VP to the first black president. If anyone can overcome systemic racism, it’s him, right?

A vote for Biden is to admit that you know nothing about history. One cannot change the color of their stripes so quickly. Biden is not who he wants America to think he is – and to believe otherwise is naïve.

Clarence Henderson is a black man who has spent his entire career as a civil rights leader. He has a warning for everyone: “If you vote for Biden, you don’t know history.”

Henderson is a military veteran and a civil rights activist. He believes that President Trump and the Republican Party has done more for Americans.

For those who don’t know their American history in terms of what party is responsible for what, Henderson is here to provide a reminder: “It was the Republican Party that passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery; it was the Republican Party that passed the 14th Amendment giving black men citizenship, and it was the Republican Party that passed the 15th Amendment giving Black men the right to vote.”

Trump is also the one who has given a record amount of funding to historically black colleges and universities. He has created a record amount of jobs for those living within black communities. He has also helped with criminal justice reforms, releasing inmates that were 91% black.

Henderson is also quick to remind everyone who has been in politics for a longer period of time. Joe Biden has been part of the U.S. government for over 50 years. Trump has been in place for four years. That needs to be clearly understood – and while many people want to tout that Biden has more “experience” in politics, the experience doesn’t translate to real action. Trump has done more for Black Americans in four years – and that’s why many people are coming forward to say that they will be voting for Trump in November.

When Biden made his disgusting comment a few months ago about “you ain’t black” if they vote for Trump, it angered a number of people in the black community. They felt as though Biden was making the assumption that he had the black vote in his pocket.

Perhaps the worst of it is that Biden has never really apologized for that comment. He has simply said that he “shouldn’t have said that.” Well, he’s right. He shouldn’t have said that. He shouldn’t have thought it. And he definitely should be apologizing to the black community for such an insensitive comment.

Clarence Henderson spoke during the Republican National Convention. He talked about life in 1960 regarding segregation. He talked about what some of his peaceful protests were able to accomplish. He talked about how America is not perfect but it’s always improving. It’s not about where you’re from but where you’re going. He attended an HBCU, fought for his country, and is a Republican.

Henderson makes it clear: “Freedom of thought is a powerful thing. There are American voters all over the country who the media is trying to convince to conform to the same old Democratic talking points. Do you know what that will get you? The same old results.”

Trump isn’t a politician yet he’s been able to do more for Americans. Trump isn’t a black man yet he’s been accepted into the black community with open arms.

This whole ‘Never Trump’ concept has to stop long enough to look at what would happen if people actually don’t for Trump. They’ll get Biden in as president who is not only a career politician but someone who has no respect for history.

It’s time to take advantage of the freedom of thought and consider that Trump and the Republican Party have a history of helping.

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