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CNN faces the dreaded ratio over tweet forcing sexist narrative on coronavirus pandemic

CNN was the recipient of the dreaded “ratio” on social media over their attempt to force a sexist narrative on the deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

The bizarre tweet admitted that deaths from the virus were disproportionately male, but added that women were still facing other negative consequences.

“The novel coronavirus seems to be more deadly for men. But in many other ways, women are bearing the brunt of this pandemic,” the tweet from CNN read. “For instance, the majority of health workers are women, yet they get paid 28% less on average than men, according to the WHO.”

The article sought out evidence for their thesis from Kristina Lunz, co-founder of The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy.

“Crises like this exacerbate already existing structural inequalities in society,” said Lunz, “when it comes to women’s rights, women’s health, and women’s economic status, this is exactly what we are seeing now.”

The response

Many on Twitter found the framing of the issue in a sexist narrative off-putting and tone deaf.

“Already thought COVID-19 was bad, but now that I know it’s a misogynist, I absolutely refuse to get it. #SexistVirus,” tweeted Jon Gabriel.

“Can’t put a price tag on life….except when it comes to the gender pay gap,” replied Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller.

“Even as the country reopens, the pandemic of stupidity persists,” responded Ellen Carmichael.

“How do you type something like this without feeling like a total idiot?” said another popular Twitter user.

The tweet received a massive “ratio” which is shorthand for when a tweet gets more mocking responses than it gets in supportive retweets. The sexist reading obtained only 365 retweets, but more than 900 comments.

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