Commentary: We’ve witnessed the death of our Constitution because we couldn’t be bothered to stand up for it

The Constitution, for now, is pretty much dead.

Swish that around in your mouth a little bit. Taste it before you simply spit it out as too bitter to be possible. Because if we’re being honest, our governing document simply doesn’t govern anymore. It is ignored. It is manipulated. It is mocked.

Yeah, it’s more than possible. In fact, it simply is what it is. And like Dr. Strange once said, “I’m here to protect your reality, d-bag.”

When Ben Franklin warned he and the rest of those hetero-normative fascists once known as the Founding Fathers were giving us a “republic if we can keep it” they weren’t kidding. It turns out, we couldn’t keep it.

We grew complacent, and just a little cowardly if we’re being honest. Content to think that just voting for a bunch of Republicans who hate us at least as much as the Democrats do (albeit for different reasons) was the stuff of Lexington and Concord. As a result, our civic bedrock has been blown asunder.

Sure, we could blame other things for our looming dystopia — where now not even Kenosha, Wisconsin, is safe from the Hunger Games — and keep proudly whistling the National Anthem. The courts. The crooked politicians. The anarchists. The virus. All played a role in pointing us toward the ash heap of history, for sure. But they also had a formidable ally.


See, we couldn’t be bothered to get our hands dirty, think outside the box, and challenge a paradigm purposefully created to stifle us. In other words, we cucked ourselves.

However, nature still abhors a vacuum. So if we won’t do what must be done legitimately, illegitimate means of doing so will emerge. Like a cherub-faced 17-year-old, who is now charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing two BLM insurgents in Kenosha.

When you create a vacuum of justice and leadership month after month, year after year, you don’t get to complain when somebody else steps in and plays wannabe cowboy. Someone else could have been the man who did so, and more prudently. Instead, we chose to be the cuck who watched. Hate the player, not the game.

The Constitution is dead in the streets and the wild west is here, live and in color, because we let it happen. Not the kid from Illinois. It was us, Mr. and Mrs. “severely conservative,” “compassionately conservative” and “big tent conservative.” We were great at conferences and conventions, but we plain sucked on main street and in the trenches. We chanted “MAGA” but really meant “AWOL.”

Sure, I too would prefer someone a bit more polished and thoughtful and less trigger happy to tend to the refreshing of the tree of liberty, than the young gun hopped up on Mountain Dew, but here we are. To quote President Trump’s favorite song: “You can’t always get what you want.”

Don’t think for a second all of this couldn’t have been otherwise. You know, if any number of people on the “Right” actually believed what they claimed to stand for and were willing to sacrifice even a fraction of the lives, fortunes and sacred honors that their forefathers did to bring this once great country to life. Instead, more than 100 of that swampy sort gathered during the week of the Republican National Convention to endorse Joe Biden’s progressive-fueled and ethically bankrupt dementia in loving memory of their time working for George W Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

So with the Constitution currently dead, America is now left to the feral mobs running both pseudo-science and the streets. And instead of the Dark Knight, our vigilante is the dude wearing hockey pants.

Thankfully, the God from whom our rights come from has a thing for resurrections. Here’s hoping there’s some wiser grown men willing to answer His call with a “here I am Lord, send me.” It’s too late to answer the call to save the Constitution we ignored before, but we’re right on time to answer this one now.

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