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Coronavirus Relief: Dems Can’t Add Another Thing; When Will They Get It?

The Dems have proven time and again that math is not their forte. They don’t understand that they cannot spend more than what they have. They may actually believe that money grows on trees, and yet we’re supposed to vote for them?

As the House and Senate fight it out for a coronavirus relief package, the Dems continue to get hung up on the $600 extra a week for those who are on unemployment. It sounds like a great package for those on unemployment, but where’s the money coming from? More importantly, shouldn’t we encourage those people to go and find a job since the economy is starting to open up?

The Dems don’t want anyone to have to work for their money. Their bleeding hearts have led to the deficit the country is in – and the GOP is doing what they can to get us out.

Fiscal responsibility is not what the Dems do well. Who knows what their own personal checkbooks look like. It’s no wonder why so many of them swim around the swamp to feed their bank accounts. Otherwise, they’d be bouncing checks like rubber balls all over Capitol Hill.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer argue with Steve Mnunchin and Mark Meadows to get a deal to work. If anyone knows what won’t add up, it’s Mnunchin, the Treasury Secretary. He can’t, in good conscience, allow a deal to go through that’s going to hurt the finances of the country.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is threatening to force a vote on the GOP proposals as a way to move things along.

It’s only a matter of days before the House is supposed to go out on their break. And they’ll likely go on break because it doesn’t affect their pockets.

Pelosi and Schumer want to spend trillions. Where that money will come from, they don’t know. But they still want to spend it. Meanwhile, there is a “skinny” plan floated by Mnunchin and Meadows that the Dems don’t want to have any part of. The Dems are saying they don’t want a “piecemeal negotiation.” That boils down to them not wanting to negotiate at all. Every negotiation at its core is piecemealed to ensure that both parties get something they want.

Pelosi and Schumer are acting like spoiled brats that want to buy things that they can’t afford.

So, what’s the deal going to cost? Right now, the two sides are trillions of dollars apart. It’s not a fair question because they can’t seem to get even close.

Schumer has said, “There are a lot of issues that are still outstanding. But I think there is a desire to get something done as soon as we can. And so we’re continuing to work.”

No one wants to give and it all comes down to the fact that somehow the Dems don’t know that there aren’t trillions of dollars in the bank account to spend. The GOP has always been more fiscally responsible because they know that it’s impossible to spend $3 trillion when only $2 trillion exists.

The Dems are eager to talk at the committee level. They’re talking about different ideas that can be used to address the $600 a week unemployment insurance – and that seems to be the real sticking point.

The problem is that Pelosi and Schumer want what they want and don’t want to give in the slightest. They don’t have any respect for the way that government works, and they’ll inconvenience every American in the process.

Why use all the money for those who are unemployed? What about a reward for those who have managed to make it work? It ensures that people aren’t going to continue to mooch off the system.

Recess is fast approaching, so the Dems will need a quick lesson in math in order to figure out that negotiation is not only inevitable but mandatory.

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