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Couple Charged with Hate Crime for Going Against Far-Left BLM Neo-Marxist Political Statement

In this age, where the political left’s cancel culture has seemingly taken over, it has become commonplace to examine nearly every aspect of our lives through the lens of a finely tuned microscope. And if anything is found that could be even remotely related to racism, bigotry, or, dare I say, an opinion that doesn’t line up with the progressive agenda, you are thrown to wolves.

The latter is precisely what has happened to a couple in California after they dared to defy the far left reaching Black Lives Matter movement.

Last week, on the Fourth of July, Black Lives Matter members and some from the community came together to paint a mural for their cause on the street in front of the Contra Costa County Courthouse, in the town of Martinez, which is located about 25 miles outside of San Francisco. Similar murals have been painted in city after city and town after town around the country to promote the movement and, according to BLM, bring the community together.

However, the act seems to be having the opposite effect, as is evident by what happened in Martinez shortly after the mural was finished.

Enter Nichole Anderson, age 42, and David Nelson, who is 53.

Mere hours after the mural was finished, the pair began to paint over the brightly painted school bus yellow letters with black paint. Naturally, the act drew in a crowd. Nelson videotaped the group while speaking loudly against the BLM cause. Meanwhile, Anderson kept painting.

In the aftermath of the painting event, the pair have both been charged with three misdemeanors. One for Vandalism under $400, one for Violation of Civil Rights, and one for Possession of Tools to Commit Vandalism or Graffiti, according to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office. Oh, and they both now also have a “hate crime” on their record!

And for these crimes, each could face up to a year in the county jail.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d say these charges are a little over the top, if not whole hypocritical.

I get that defacing a publicly sanctioned mural, no matter what the cause, can be considered vandalism. (BLM had acquired a permit to paint the street, and the city had approved and paid for the endeavor.) And as such, painting over it without similar permits or approval would be against the law.

I am also a firm believer that when the law is broken, again, no matter the cause, there should be consequences. It is the law for a reason.

However, I find it wholly disconcerting and ludicrous that this couple of all people are being charged with something as serious as a hate crime—all for painting over someone else’s so-called art.

Meanwhile, real hate crimes are being committed all over the country, and the offenders are simply walking away from it with no charges, no fines, and certainly no jail time.

Let’s consider the thousands who have joined the unrelenting monument mobs and are currently, as we speak scheming up ways to take down historical statues, which by the way, are an art project and relics of our past.

Let’s also think about all those who have negatively contributed to the looting, rioting, and property destruction taking place. Homes are being burned, businesses ransacked, and livelihoods ruined.

And don’t even get me started on those who are using this opportunity of chaos and social change to start a war against the races.

Did the man who beat up a white woman in Macy’s get charged with anything, let alone arrested? No. Did the four assailants who opened fire on a crowd in Chicago get put in prison? Absolutely not. They actually killed people, and nothing happens. The mayor even had the gall to blame such hate and violence on guns.

Meanwhile, this couple in California peacefully painted over temporary street art, and the book was thrown at them.

If that doesn’t tell you there is a double standard and two completely different sets of justice systems, I don’t know what will.

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