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Crooks try forcing their way into home to steal money for heroin. But who knew homeowner would have a gun?

North Carolina sheriff’s deputies said a homeowner shot and wounded a home intruder Saturday night — which led to the arrests of four people, including one for drug trafficking, WLOS-TV reported.

What are the details?

The homeowner told Macon County Sheriff’s Deputies that a woman knocked on his door — and that when he answered a man tried to force his way inside his home, the station reported.

But this homeowner decided to exercise his Second Amendment rights and was armed and ready, shooting the male intruder in the arm, after which three suspects escaped in a car, WLOS reported.

Their flight from the scene apparently didn’t last too long, as the trio — Natasha Kerberg, Carmelita Pike, and Kenneth Lawrence — were later arrested, the station said.

They admitted to law enforcement that they were trying to rob the homeowner for money to buy heroin, WLOS reported.

The information they divulged also led to the drug trafficking arrest of Dean Myers, the station said.

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