Democrats Are No Match for Barrett as She Weathers Their Attacks With Peace

Amy Coney Barrett is the one person that they cannot push around. Like President Trump, they have been unable to victimize, hurt, or lie about her so that she does not take the seat on the highest court in the land. Her religious upbringing and beliefs define her not in word only but also in action. She lives what she believes and is unwilling to apologize or change them to soothe other people or their conscience.

Barrett continues to show strength and determination to weather the Democratic Party’s nastiness so she can make a lasting difference for God and country. And that is what scares the Democrats to death. It is the fact that she will make a difference or what is right and not how it may look on the frontlines or her resume.

Barrett is no stranger to personal attacks by people that hate her. As a judge that sat on the U.S. Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit Court, she would face such treatment. The liberal members of the Judiciary Committee are just like the criminals that aced Barrett as a judge. They cry out that she is unfair and rigid and does not deserve to sit where she has for many years.

But she made her decision not to waiver in her beliefs and her pledge to uphold the Constitution. Democrats on the committee are attacking those fundamental beliefs hoping to crack her wide open. They continue to probe any and every crack that they believe will persuade others to deny her the right to sit on the Supreme Court bench.

Barrett’s appearance as she is treated horribly by fellow citizens has not phased her one bit. She maintains a professional image, confidence to continue, and willingness to do what is right. And that is what scares the Democrats even more. She will tell the truth and do the right thing based on the Constitution and the men’s intent that risk everything to rescue people and start a nation where freedoms were held high.

Some of the attacks have been over what she happened to be wearing and being called a “shameless partisan hack who is unfit to serve on the highest court in the land.” She has been called all sorts of horrible things and has been accused of something that even the worst person would engage in.

Some wonder why she would even accept the nomination from President Trump. Their liberal agenda would dictate that she should have declined. And yet they would have secretly taken it themselves given a chance. The difference between people like Eric Boehlert, who stated, “[W]hat kind of craven, an awful person would even consider accepting a nomination under these circumstances,” and Barrett is that she is about doing the right thing.

Barrett refuses to accept the nomination for personal gain. It is more about upholding the truth and protecting American freedoms from the liberals that would seek to strip them all away. Barrett is that person that is going to block a Democratic takeover of the country. They will not be able to rule deceptively with her on the bench.

Barrett has shown wisdom in her words as the liberals twist her past writing to say things that they want them to say. And all Barrett would way is, “I attack ideas, not people.” She politely slapped the liberals in the face as they attack people and not ideas.

Barrett has even had her friendships attacked, and even the way she takes notes attacked. Barrett was asked by another liberal, hoping to see something on her notepad that they could use against her. All they would find was a blank sheet of paper. She did not have to write down anything she was asked because her mind is sharp, and her heart is clear of guilt the Democrats would place on her for being religious.

Barrett is a remarkable person and extremely intelligent. She has yet to bite on any trickery or bait that has been planted by the Democrats. President Trump made the right choice for the position vacated by the previous judge. A judge that was liberal to the core and had no problem standing in the Democrats camp to vote for their policies and beliefs.

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