Did You See AOC Act Like Baby as Pence Spoke at Debate?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come out of the closet crying like another big baby as she was upset over the comments that Vice President Mike Pence said about her. Somehow the debate ended up about her. In her sadistic mindset, the debate was all about her personally. She took offense that Pence used the letters “AOC” to reference her name. Apparently, she is demanding that her official title be used by the vice president.

If that is true, then her statement of “For the record @Mike_Pence, it’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez to you” should also include his title of vice president. The little baby is quick to demand respect for her title but fails to give it to a higher authority. She is another example of a liberal, letting their office swell their big heads with pride and pomp.

The AOC had gotten upset with what she claims was “gender dynamics” in the debate. Harris and her liberal media possie claim that her being a woman held her back as she lost to Pence. The AOC missed that it was just the two of them on the stage and that the moderator was a woman.

She somehow read into the debate that Pence was taking advantage of her by the way he talked to her. Pence did not speak to Harris, just about her. He always spoke to the moderator. The AOC wants to see things that did not happen during the debate so that she has something to lie about.

The AOC said, “Why is it that Mike Pence doesn’t seem to have to answer any of the questions asked of him in this debate?” He answered those questions and even gave more than Harris ever could about the country’s plan moving forward. And there were times when the Democratic bought moderator would not let him finish his thoughts but catered to Harris and let her go overtime every time.

What really fired up the nasty little witch was the subject of climate change. For two years now, the AOC has pushed her Green New Deal. She was not able to convince anyone that it was a good idea. So, she got dementia Biden to agree that parts of the deal were right and that he should adopt them as his own.

She was mad that Pence shoved it in Harris’Harris’ face that the deal was way too expensive to run. The fact that others have said for years now. But she never got mad at them. Pence rightly proved that the AOC was a puppet master of Biden and would get the two puppets to adopt her new deal should they win the election.

Pence clearly said that “Now, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would put us back in the Paris climate accord, they’d impose the Green New Deal, which would crush American energy, would increase the energy costs of American families in their homes, and literally crush American jobs.” That statement of fact boiled the blood of the vampire witch.

She claims that her deal has been lied about. But the facts behind the $90 trillion price tag do not lie. Economists have estimated that her idea would kill the country. It would never create jobs. It would push people out of work as it systematically shuts down the natural resource industry and puts America back into the dark ages of power consumption.

Harris and Biden seek to shut down the development of natural resource mining. Something that they both deny. But their plan for the future demands that those parts of the industry be done away with to make way for their goal of killing America.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have the only plan for America. They plan to keep making America great by letting people grow their companies and defending the people’s security. Democrats and their progressive masters seek only to destroy the freedoms that define the nation. Once they control the people, it is just a matter of time before they shut down commerce and make people dependent on them for their substance.

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