DOJ Identifies Cities Across the US on the Naughty List

President Trump wants a list of the naughty cities – the ones that are allowing anarchy and violence to disrupt the lives of everyday citizens. It’s time to get serious about what’s happening in the country – and too many Democratic cities have been allowing the violence to continue.

The Democratic governors and mayors turn a blind eye. Violence? What violence? Enough is enough – and Trump has issued a Presidential Memorandum for the Department of Justice to identify the cities that are sitting back and doing nothing. Those that are on the list may cease to receive federal funding.

It’s simple. Do your job and you get federal funding. Continue to spit in the face of the federal government while you allow cities to fall apart and you don’t get federal funding. It’s the only way to get the Democratic leaders to take notice and put an end to all of the mindless violence.

The sad part about so much of it is that the police have been living up to their end. They’re making the arrests. They’re risking their lives on a daily basis. All it takes is a liberal District Attorney to dismiss the charges, sending the criminals back on the street the next day. That means that there’s no deterrent for the violent protesters any longer. If they get arrested, they know that the DA has their back and will release them.

Part of the memorandum explained that “without law and order, democracy cannot function.” It’s no longer about allowing Americans to peacefully protest. When property is being destroyed and innocent citizens are being either injured or killed, it’s no longer peaceful. And there are too many cities and states that are achieving anarchy.

So, it’s time to hold those local governments responsible. Everyone wants to point the finger and blame Trump for not doing anything, so he’s doing something – but the Dems are going to have to step up to do their job. Otherwise, he’ll cut their funding.

A number of cities have been identified by the DOJ for being in trouble, including New York City, Portland, and Seattle. If the cities marked for possible defunding don’t act, they’ll be subject to having funds withdrawn. The list will be regularly updated. Cities can move on and off of the list based on the actions that they take.

The criteria for being on the list is straightforward.

Is the jurisdiction forbidding the police force to intervene to restore order?

Has the jurisdiction withdrawn law enforcement protection from a specific are?

Have police departments been defunded or disempowered?

Has the jurisdiction unreasonably refused to accept law enforcement help from the federal government?

Additionally, a city can also manage to get onto the list based on any other factors that the Attorney General deems appropriate.

It’s easy to see how New York City, Portland, and Seattle have made the list. They’ve seen an increase in shootings, mayors and governors have rejected federal assistance, and the police departments are being disempowered.

There. Trump is doing his job. As too many Dems say that Trump is why the violence is happening, he’s stepping up to see to it that the cities clean up their act. He’s offered a lending hand to send in extra law enforcement. There’s nothing else that he can do, especially when the mayors and governors scream for Trump not to visit.

Now, it’s all a matter of watching how the Democratic leaders jump to defend the mayors and governors within the troubled cities. They’ll continue to defend the destruction and violence rather than siding with the president.

The harsh reality is that the Dems need violence and destruction because they believe that it hurts Trump. They believe that violence is the only way for them to win the election. However, the only one moving to truly protect the citizens in these troubled areas is Trump and the rest of the GOP.

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