Economist predicts ‘super-bubble’ market crash is coming SOON

Economist and bestselling author Harry Dent has called the past few economic crashes eerily accurately — and he’s now predicting a major “super-bubble” crash will happen by June of this year. He joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Friday to talk about what he believes is coming soon for our financial markets.

Harry said the federal reserve and central banks have taken over free market capitalism. “[Central banks] set interest rates. They drive bonds up and interest rates down. They drive stocks up continually… [and] run the economy like a machine,” He explained. “And this is what has created this great bubble. And a great disconnect.”

Harry said he expects that when the “already ordained” next crash happens, the “entire role of central banks will be questioned.” But will this be enough to break the hold of big banks, big companies, and the likes of the Federal Reserve on the economy?

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

In the clip below, Dent gives his suggestions on what can you do to prepare:

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