‘Excellent idea!’: Ted Cruz responds to Dem senator’s threat to boycott Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) fired back the perfect response to Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Sunday after the Connecticut lawmaker promised to boycott Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

What did Blumenthal say?

In a lengthy Twitter rant, Blumenthal called Barrett’s nomination an “illegitimate sham process.” He claimed “Barrett’s views would harm real lives” — citing health care and female reproductive rights — and ultimately vowed to boycott her entire confirmation process.

“I will refuse to treat this process as legitimate & will not meet with Judge Amy Coney Barrett,” Blumenthal said.

How did Cruz respond?

The Texas senator said Blumenthal’s promise to boycott Barrett is not a bad thing. In fact, Cruz said it would be beneficial if every Democratic senator took the same position as Blumenthal.

That way, Barrett would be confirmed to the Supreme Court even quicker.

“Excellent idea! And if you & all your Dem colleagues boycott the hearing altogether, we’ll avoid the political circus & the desperate attempts to smear Judge Barrett and her family,” Cruz said. “And we’ll confirm her faster!”

Unfortunately for Cruz, Democrats, despite not having enough votes in the Senate to block Barrett’s nomination, are not going to stand by idly.

What are Democrats gonna do?

According to Politico, Senate Democrats are going to use every weapon in their arsenal to try and delay Barrett’s unstoppable confirmation.

From Politico:

Senate Democrats can’t stop Mitch McConnell from confirming a new Supreme Court justice, but they are already planning to make it as painful as possible. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has his caucus on board with an effort to disrupt and obstruct Senate Republicans, using a wide range of procedural tools to try to make it difficult for the Senate majority leader.Interviews with more than a dozen Democratic senators revealed broad support for disrupting the Supreme Court confirmation process, even if the strategy yields some collateral damage. Yet Democrats facing tough reelections and those who typically spurn delay tactics overwhelmingly support the hardball campaign, potentially putting them at increased risk of losing their seats.

The options of disruptment include invoking the rarely-used “two-hour rule,” denying a quorum, calling points of order and motions to adjourn, delaying legislative business, and delaying the final Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Barrett, according to Politico.

“Process is everything. So if you’re going to use the process to try to steal an election, then we’re going to use the process to try to do everything for that not to happen,” Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) told Politico.

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