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‘Feed our babies and we won’t have this problem!’ — Teacher defends riots, even on black-owned businesses in news interview

An interview with a protester by a television news station displayed the complex motivations of some of those protesting and rioting since the death of George Flynn.

The unnamed black woman identified herself as a Social Studies teacher and a mother before she justified the looting and arson of stores owned by large corporations, and then offered a justification for destroying small minority-owned stores as well.

“I mean, I’m a black mother and a Social Studies teacher and I’m raising a black son in America so I have no choice but to fight and walk. That’s all I can do,” she said to the reporter from NY1 News.

She was asked about whether the looting and rioting had overshadowed the message of the protests.

“I mean these white mobs came and rioted in Tulsa and did the same s**t, excuse my language, but I’m just sayin’ like, what’s the difference?” she said, referring to the historical incident in 1921 when a prosperous black community in Oklahoma was leveled by white residents.

“You gave, the government gave $1,200 to people to survive on in March, what you thought was gonna happen? You took summer youth away from the youth, what you thought was gonna happen?” she continued.

“They need jobs!” she added. “Feed our babies and we won’t have this problem!”

She went on to justify the looting and arson against stores owned by large corporations and also those neighborhood businesses owned by minorities.

“These are multi-billion dollar corporations that got insurance. So, no offense, but they’ll be alright,” she continued.

“What about some of the mom and pop stores on Fordham road that are owned by people of color?” asked the reporter.

“Hmmm, define owned by people of color, because the banks actually run those businesses,” she responded. “So they own, they could be a mom and pop store, but it’s probably someone else that is not of their color funding their business.”

Her sentiment has been mirrored by some on the left who have tried to erase the distinction between the peaceful protests, which many Americans support, and the rioting and looting condemned by many.

“They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and this is what sick and tired looks like,” she said of the looters.

Here’s the video of the interview:

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