Film Makers to Launch Kids Show Based on Best Selling Books That Combat Socialism

As Americans watch the impending doom of Socialism being pushed harder and harder by the left, many parents are in a desperate search to undo the indoctrination of schools and the media on how their children view the economy and system of government.

Enter: The Tuttle Twins. This book series promotes capitalism and the free market, making a strong case against the advent of socialism in all its forms, and the best welling books are now being made into a cartoon series, and anyone can be part of it.

According to a report in Newsweek, the 11 books include titles like The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law which is a simplified version of French political economist Frederic Bastiat’s work, The Law; The Tuttle Twins and the Creature From Jekyll Island, which covers a “powerful creature” stealing the twins’ grandparent’s money; and The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Serfdom, about how central planning can ruin lives.

According to Newsweek, director Daniel Harmon has aid that The Tuttle Twins “teaches our kids why America has succeeded, what the principles of freedom are and how they can stand up for those principles.” The book series that the television adaptation will be based on has sold  1.4 million copies thus far.

“Hollywood won’t touch a show like this; too many truth bombs, not enough F-bombs,” said the teacher in the Tuttle Twins humorous promotional video. The promo compared the upcoming series to a combination of the compelling elements of such successes as Phineas and Ferb, The Magic School Bus, and The Simpsons.

According to their marketing information, the series will be funded through VidAngel, which was founded by Neal and Daniel Harmon, who were previously successful in raising $10 million for The Chosen, which is a streaming show about the life of Jesus Christ. They estimate that each episode of the show was is watched by about 4 million people, according to the National Research Group. Now, the pair are on a mission to raise about $1 million for this made for television version of the Tuttle Twins.

In addition to making the series, Vid Angel plans to also distribute Tuttle Twins, like they did The Chosen.

One major difference in this crowdfunding project versus many others is that the funders will actually have the potential to see equity dividends returned for their contribution.

“VidAngel partnered with Tuttle Twins Show LLC, the production company behind the effort, to distribute the upcoming streaming series,” Newsweek reported. “The books are written by Connor Boyack and illustrated by Elijah Stanfield and feature the 11-year-old Tuttle Twins, a boy, and girl. Each book is based on the works of famous capitalists—the seventh in the series is dedicated to Ayn Rand while the fifth is dedicated to Charles Koch, for example, and the show will add the element of the brother and sister occasionally traveling back in time to meet luminary historical figures.”

However, they went on to report that while at the beginning of the series, the profits will go toward future episodes, they also stated that those making and distributing the shows won’t take profits until the investors receive their cut.

Parents looking for a positive way to keep their kids busy when screen time creeps in can breathe a sigh of relief that not only will their children not be indoctrinated by the entertainment arm of the Democratic party (also known as Hollywood) but that their kids will actually receive knowledge and understanding that will make them better protectors of democracy.

“Hollywood serves the market by making what they think audiences like, but it’s more about what the Hollywood bubble likes. Our studio model allows us not to guess; we let the audience decide,” said Neal Harmon.

“The principles of freedom are actually unifying but people don’t often know what that looks like. Especially kids,” said Daniel Harmon.

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