Finally Getting Exposed

These reporters wearing masks are being proven time and time again that they are only wearing them to push their party’s narrative. It’s a weird time to be living in right now. 

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins was caught red-handed recently ripping off her mask at a White House Press Briefing when she thought the cameras stopped rolling. The briefing was with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. 

Kaitlin Collins has tried to build a name for herself through confrontations during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has gotten her name ripped to shreds by Dr. Birx through Collin’s attempted “gotcha” questions and now this. The video going viral shows the press briefing coming to an end and as the cameras were assumed off, the “journalist” jumped out of her seat and ripped off her mask, even as she immediately laughed and walked closer to her colleagues. This happened about 10-15 seconds after everyone thought the cameras were off.

It wouldn’t seem like a big deal if she wasn’t such a hypocrite about the whole thing. Collins has made several public comments, as well as authored articles, criticizing President Trump for not wearing a mask, even when it logically made no sense to do so. She has consistently scolded President Trump and his officials for not wearing masks at a recent outdoor briefing…where no one even stood near each other.

Her ripping off her mask isn’t even the issue here. The issue is the pure hypocrisy and proof that reporters are just playing this “wear your mask” role only when the camera’s are rolling. There’s a reason, for example, Jim Acosta started wearing a mask after weeks of not doing so. He simply wanted to go on air and bash President Trump. 

One of the dumbest aspects of this pandemic has to be the politicization of mask usage. Reporters are doing live hits in masks outdoors while their crew are 10 feet away just so they can preen and attack others but this incident is proof that the minute the cameras go off, the left-winged media platforms drop the act. It’s not about the “science” behind wearing a mask; it’s about narratives and virtue signaling. 

“Rules are for thee, not for me.” The famous line for the left throughout this pandemic. I’d bet my money if it were a Republican reporter caught ripping off their mask they’d get banned from the briefing room in about ten seconds for putting other reporters “in danger.” These reporters are not reporters, but mere actors. 

The Trump Administration is trying to play fair with a media and opposition group that won’t and don’t play fair. It’s about time for the Left’s blatant hypocrisy to get exposed and for the Liberal mask to come off…both literally and figuratively. 

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