Former Trump aides are launching a new social media platform, but the former president isn’t joining it and plans his own

Former Trump aides have launched a new social media platform meant to compete with Twitter, but the former president isn’t joining it and plans to launch his own platform.

The platform is called GETTR, which is short for “Getting Together,” and it’s headed by Jason Miller, who worked previously as the spokesman for former President Donald Trump. Former Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh is also on board with the social media effort.

Trump supporters have been eagerly awaiting for a new social media platform promised by the former president, but it appears as if this is not it.

Bloomberg News reported that Trump won’t be joining GETTR, will have no financial stake in the platform, and has plans to launch his own.

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Miller told Fox News that GETTR will be a “cancel-free zone” with “superior technology” that will be the “envy of Silicon Valley.”

He went on to say that the platform will defend free speech as a challenge to Big Tech companies who are policing speech, often with a liberal bias.

“We believe there needs to be a new social media platform that really defends free speech, and one that doesn’t de-platform for political beliefs,” he explained.

He said that the platform will allow users to send up to 777 characters per message, to send pictures and videos, and be able to edit those videos within their app. Miller said that he hoped Trump would join and also wants President Joe Biden to join GETTR.

The platform has been uploaded a thousand times already, but GETTR will officially launch at 10 a.m. ET July 4.

A source on the Trump team told Fox News in March that they were taking their time to get their new social media platform right because they would only get one shot at it.

Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat following the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Here’s more about Trump’s promised platform from March:

Trump to make his own social media platform: Sources

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