Fox News’ Juan Williams Accuses Trump Of Ushering In War With Historic Peace Deal

Fox News’ Juan Williams commented during his segment of “The Five” that he believes the historic peace deal brokered by the Trump administration is going to have a wide-spreading negative impact.

Williams’ comments are not out of character for his history on the network, however, it was surprising to many that the liberal host found a way to so quickly be negative about a peace deal that has been largely shrouded in mystery up to now.

“It is [a distraction],” Williams said of the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

“The real trouble here is between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and that situation has not been helped. What we’re doing here in this situation is we have the Bahrainians and the United Arab Emirates, they already had diplomatic, security and trade ties with Israel … and it opens the door to some possibilities.”

“The real action here is the United States giving arms, giving serious arms to UAE potentially to go after the Iranians,” he argued. “And so what we’re doing is stirring up a proxy war, and that doesn’t diminish the chance of war or disruption in the Middle East — it accelerates it.”

While the details of the peace deal have yet to be fully announced it’s no secret that the United States ascribes to the belief that sometimes in order to retain peace a nation has to tread carefully and carry a big stick. That approach has kept the world from being blown to bits in a nuclear holocaust. Williams, however, doesn’t believe in what the United States has moved to do, likely because he doesn’t believe in President Donald Trump.

“So I think we have to just look honestly at this,” Williams said. “We have to note that it’s taking place in the midst of an intense American election and that what’s going on at the White House. I don’t think anybody is fooled by it. There certainly is a reason for hope, but let’s not fool ourselves.”

Conservatives have been somewhat divided about the peace treaty, due to what some consider the prophetic nature of the move. However, removing the possibility of hellfire and brimstone on an accelerated timetable, securing peace for an ally nation that has suffered non-stop turmoil is a massive win for the United States, not to mention something other presidents have attempted and failed.

There was barely time for confetti to hit the ground after Trump was sworn into office before he reached out to Israeli leaders to see how he could mend fences broken down by the previous administration’s actions in the Middle East. His unfailing dedication to the peace of a nation whose history of conflict reads like who’s who of varying types of turmoil and unrest has fostered unending goodwill in the hearts of many conservatives.

Liberals’ disgust with Trump’s decision to pursue a traditional approach to healing the war-torn region has many questioning whether the left is interested in doing things the right way or just doing it the opposite of whatever Trump says he wants.

That history of objecting to whatever Republicans want, combined with the ever-moving target that is progressive virtue, is reminiscent of a contentious child looking for a way to be right without actually doing good. However, no matter how many times they’re successful in shutting down the other side, there doesn’t seem to be an actual prize to win.

Perhaps if liberals told Americans what they wanted, more would be on board, but vague “just not Trump” and for everyone to have everything they ever wanted out of life is coming off as a bit of an immature power grab.

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