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Here are the 10 states where the share of COVID-19 deaths coming from nursing homes are the highest

We’ve all heard about the disproportionate share of COVID-19 deaths happening in America’s nursing homes.

A recently reported study from the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity showed that while only 0.6% of Americans live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, that population makes up more than 42% of the nation’s COVID-19 deaths.

The topic has been used to bludgeon some elected leadership — especially New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. One of the biggest attacks on Cuomo has been his role in some 5,000 deaths in his state’s nursing homes following his March 25 executive order forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus-positive people.

But did you know New York’s reported nursing home deaths as a share of the state’s COVID-19 deaths are the lowest in the nation? The Empire State has seen 13.8% of its COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. (However, some analysts have pointed out that New York’s reporting might not be accurate.) The second-lowest rate so far is Nevada’s 23.9%, according to a newly updated FREOPP report.

In fact, because New York is such an outlier considering its high share of overall coronavirus cases and deaths as well as its data reporting methods, if the state’s data is removed from the calculations, the nursing home share of COVID-19 deaths nationwide jumps to 52%.

What’s happening in the states?

So, which states are seeing the highest share of COVID-19 deaths in their long-term care facilities?

FREOPP looked at state-by-state data, and found that, among states that break out deaths by residential categories, about 60% of them have seen more than half of their COVID-19 fatalities come from nursing homes.

Only two states — the aforementioned New York and Nevada — have seen less than a third of their COVID-19 deaths come from nursing homes.

Below are the states where nursing home deaths are the greatest share of COVID-19 deaths.

No word yet on how the leadership in these states will be held accountable.

Top 10 states where the share of COVID-19 deaths coming from nursing homes are the highest

No. 1: MINNESOTA — 81.4% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 2: RHODE ISLAND — 77% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 3: OHIO — 70% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 4: NEW HAMPSHIRE — 69.8% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 5: PENNSYLVANIA — 69.2% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 6: DELAWARE — 64.2% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 7: NORTH CAROLINA — 63.3% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 8: VIRGINIA — 62.8% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 9: MASSACHUSETTS — 61.9% of all COVID-19 deaths

No. 10: WASHINGTON — 61.1% of all COVID-19 deaths

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