Here is Why the Media Refuse to Tell the Truth Regarding the Election

There is no doubt that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the naughty listed Joe Biden. It may take years to dig to the bottom of all the testimony and witnesses that have come forward just to find out what happened and how it happened. The fact that there are statistical issues with the election and proof that the Dominion voting machines were programmed to cheat has some sources putting in their earplugs because they do not want to face the truth that they are guilty as charged.

The media is the worst because they continue to act like nothing is wrong. The decades biggest story is on their desktops, and not a single reporter is taking up the challenge to dig to the bottom of the truth. The silent majority is fearful of what could be done to anyone that decides to speak out or let the world know that the Democrats are cheaters and cannot be trusted.

The liberal loving media has decided to put all of their eggs in one basket. Their options are to report on the fraud and turn against their financial backers or support Biden to the very end. The media cannot afford to betray their billionaire owners. The power of the dollar keeps the media on a tight leash.

The media puppets have no desire to lose their funding. They are only willing to do as they are told, and that is to side with the liberals and hate the conservatives.

Their duplicity and sin are seen in their reaction to the Senate hearing regarding the election’s fraud. And there was not one media source that highlights any of the convincing points. Every one of them went on the defensive.

Some of the headlines read “Senate hearing elevates baseless claims of election fraud” and,

“How Republicans are spinning their election fraud falsehoods now that many are acknowledging Biden’s win” and, “The election is over, but Ron Johnson keeps promoting false claims of fraud” Their point was to discredit any person speaking out and to make then look like fools.

The liberals continue to push the same statement over and over again. They claim that “no evidence of widespread election fraud.” This is done to brainwash people into believing that no evidence exists subtly. But there was an amazing amount of proof given during the Senate hearing. It would have been enough to overturn the election.

But when Democrats and their media are demonically controlled. There is no amount of evidence that will cause them to see the widespread fraud that took place. The media refuses to show that the Democrats targeted specific areas to commit their fraud. These areas were susceptible to fraud, and the act of committing it could take place rather easily.

Media socialists push that there was never any evidence and that it was all made up. But nothing in the world would ever make thousands of people risk jail time by providing false information about fraud. The truth is that the media and liberals do not want people to settle on the truth because many of them will be found guilty.

The intent of the media is to silence anyone that speaks out. People that speak out are a threat to the money and power that they think they have over people.

The shaming that takes place happens at all levels. During the Senate hearings, the witnesses were mocked and made fun of. The president’s lawyers are mocked and threatened with death to the point that they drop off the case.

America needs its patriots right now more than ever. The boldness of the Founding Fathers is inherent in all Americans. President Trump and others are those heroes. The American people need to stand up and demand that the media start telling the truth, or there will be consequences.

The truth must be told, or there will never be a free election again. Higher powers will manipulate themselves back into power. Freedoms will be forever lost, and America will be nothing more than a page in history. That is until there are people who are willing to risk it all for the sake of freedom.

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