Hey Liberal Media, Biden Had Vietnam-Era Deferments, Too

Back in the days of the Vietnam-era, men of a certain age were expected to join the military. You either joined the military or you received a deferment to put it off for a year. The media loves to talk about how Trump dodged being drafted in the war because of bone spurs.

The media has even given him the nickname of Captain Bone Spurs because they have questioned whether he even has bone spurs. Democratic Senators have even demanded that Trump get X-rays to prove that he has the bone spurs that were claimed to get his fifth deferment.

For years, the media has tormented Trump about his deferments. After all, he had five. Here’s something that the media has probably known about but won’t speak of: Biden also had five deferments.

Wait, what? How come the media isn’t talking about Biden’s deferments? How dare someone who has worked in Congress for decades, served as a VP, and is running for president skip out on his military duty!

The reason that the media isn’t sharing anything about Biden’s deferments is that it would make him look bad. Or, rather, worse than he already looks. That, and they’d have to apologize for Trump.

Lots of people got deferments. With Trump and Biden being so close in age, it’s not surprising that they were both dealing with deferments when trying to be drafted into the Vietnam War.

So, Trump had a total of five deferments: four that were education-related and one that was for bone spurs. It was diagnosed by a doctor. And with bone spurs, it’s not possible to stand for extended periods of time. It meant no military time.

Now, Biden has a similar story. He had four deferments for education while he was attending the University of Delaware as an undergraduate and later when he was a law student at Syracuse University.

The fifth one is the one that is really the head scratcher. Biden received the fifth deferment as a result of asthma. Wait, the Senator turned VP has asthma? Well, this doesn’t sound right. Clearly, this must be incorrect.

Nope, his fifth and final deferment was for asthma. He was given a Selective Service Classification of 1-Y, which meant that he would only be available to the service if there was a national emergency.

The strangest thing about the asthma diagnosis is that he has never mentioned that he has asthma. Even in his memoir, he talks about being very active – but no mention of asthma. For most people with asthma, it prevents them from being active.

Biden talked heavily within his memoir about being a lifeguard and playing football. This wouldn’t be possible if he suffered from asthma-like he claimed to the military.

So, the media has no problem constantly be reading Trump because he got out of serving in the military because of bone spurs, but they aren’t even mentioning that Biden has the same number of deferments. While Trump very well may have bone spurs, it is highly questionable whether Biden has asthma. It seems that with Biden being in the public eye for as many years as he has been, that should have been a topic once or twice.

No one is talking about Joe Biden’s deferments because it would make him look weak. The liberal media doesn’t want to discuss that Biden may have lied and cheated his way out of having to serve in Vietnam just like they claim Trump has done.

The media has decided that Joe Biden’s deferments are off-limits. In fact, there haven’t been any major news outlets talking about Biden’s military deferments since 2008. This means, as soon he was identified as the VP to pair alongside of Obama, the media went hush about it.

Now, it’s out again. This means that Biden will need to explain himself for five deferments just as Trump has had to explain himself. After all, fair is fair.

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