How Quick They Forget. Sorry, But Biden’s Health is Fair Game

How dare you attack Biden’s health. You know, he could be the president one day! He has been a Senator and a Vice President for this country. Attacking his health is not only insensitive but absolutely uncalled for.

The liberal media is all about reprimanding the Republicans for talking about Biden’s declining mental health. They want to continue to live in denial. Meanwhile, Joe Biden can’t make it through a single interview or press conference without stumbling all over himself, calling someone names, or out and out lying. Are we supposed to wait for him to start drooling before we point out that he’s unfit to become president?

The media wants to stay away from health and fitness because they say that it’s “off-limits.” But why? There have been plenty of Republican candidates that did not receive the same consideration. Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and even Donald Trump were picked on for their age and were questioned on their physical abilities to be president.

So, why is the media hell-bent on protecting Biden? Perhaps it’s because there are real issues that we need to be addressing before printing his name on millions of ballots across the country.

As Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor says, “Asking the potential president of the United States to demonstrate to voters that he has the cognitive capacity to do one of the most stressful jobs in the world, isn’t an outrageous ask.”

The “objective” media doesn’t want to go there. They don’t want to ask about declining health, mentally or physically. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to know the truth. It’s not just Biden, either. When questions were brought up about Hillary Clinton’s capacity, the Republican media was shut down, too.

There have been enough gaffes from the Democratic nominee to raise questions. Biden has identified on many occasions that he’s struggled with stuttering his entire life. Fine, so you’re not the best public speaker. But what about the constant disorientation that he struggles with? He requires notes on the most basic aspects of what he’s going to be talking about. He gets dates wrong. Locations wrong. Names wrong. If it were one or two instances, it wouldn’t be such an issue. However, there’s at least one issue that’s called to light each time he’s got a camera in front of him.

As William A. Jacobson, a media critic and Cornell Law School Professor explains, “At no time in recent memory has a presidential nominee’s physical and mental health been more important than with Joe Biden.”

There’s a reason why Biden is hiding in his basement. It is keeping him protected from further embarrassment with the press. In a normal election, he would be on the campaign trail and running countless interviews and press conferences. However, that’s not possible with the pandemic. He’s in hiding – and it’s got everyone wondering why. Jacobson says, “More than ever, the press needs to do its job and not act as protector of the Democrat nominee.”

It’s as if the liberal media is simply choosing to ignore that Biden is struggling with his mental fitness. They’re not asking the questions that everyone in America is asking: Is Biden mentally fit to be the president?

If Joe Biden is incapable of performing the presidency, then it’s a vote for Kamala Harris, not a vote for Joe Biden. We have to know who we’re actually voting for. Otherwise, there’s a major issue happening within the DNC – and they’re trying to pull a fast one on Americans far and wide.

Joe Biden is 77. It’s not some made-up detail. It’s the truth. There’s nothing wrong with having a failing mental capacity at that age. He would be the oldest president that we’ve ever had – and it’s an important thing to consider when we already have a president in place who has proven that he’s mentally fit.

The longer the liberal media covers Biden’s mental health, the more questions there will be. A vote for Joe is essentially a vote for Kamala at this point in the game.

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