How to get higher pay and not blow it for the future

How to get higher pay and not blow it for the future

Many college graduates are likely to land job offers in the weeks following their commencement.

Though they may be ready to launch themselves into their futures, there’s one nerve-wracking, yet vital, part of the process new grads need to master: negotiating salary and benefits.

Bargaining with a prospective employer can be daunting for someone in their first full-time position, yet getting the right salary from the start can help ensure that future employers don’t lowball their compensation.

That’s because future employers may base their pay offer on a candidate’s previous salary. In fact, 43 percent of workers are still asked about salary history during job interviews, according to compensation research firm Payscale.

Requesting a higher salary for a new job can be a lot of pressure, according to Daniel Orozco, the director of Southwestern University’s Center for Career & Professional Development, but it’s appropriate to do, as long as it’s handled the right way.