HS students decorate their parking spots with ‘Trump 2020’ message. Of course, Black Lives Matter fans can’t just live and let live.

Since Texas’ Lubbock-Cooper High School allows students to decorate their reserved parking spots before the school year begins, a group of students who support President Donald Trump and share adjacent spaces decided to pool their resources and spell out “TRUMP 2020,” KCBD-TV reported.

What happened next?

But as you might guess, such a sentiment isn’t likely to go unchallenged in our woke, reactionary culture — even in northwest Texas.

And indeed, sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, the 10 parking spots spelling out “Trump 2020” were vandalized, the station said, adding that at least one other pro-Trump spot was tagged while another Trump-themed space was left alone.

imageImage source: KCBD-TV video screenshot

It appeared the spots were hit with tire tracks as well as black spray paint spelling out the acronym “BLM” for Black Lives Matter, “I can’t breath” [sic] and “save the famalies [sic].”

School officials told KCBD that the district will move to prosecute anyone responsible for destroying or defacing school property.

“My son and several of his friends spent over $750 painting their parking spots,” a parent of one affected student added to the station. “They spent eight hours creating this. Their spaces have been completely vandalized, and all boys have been threatened.”

More from KCBD:

Lubbock-Cooper Superintendent Keith Bryant said in a statement to KCBD that all parking space designs must be approved by administration before they’re painted. Political statements are not prohibited, but the designs must follow the dress code; which means the designs may not contain profanity, vulgar images or statements or references to illegal activity.

He also said political statements have been a fairly common theme among parking lot spaces each year, without issue. “The idea behind the parking lot painting project is to encourage students’ creativity and allow them another outlet to express their personality and thoughts.”

Sadie Alderson, Director of Public Information for Lubbock-Cooper ISD says the district is investigating the vandalism.

“We have students and staff with differing political beliefs; and we expect those beliefs to be respected and valued,” she told the station in a statement. “As United States citizens, we have the freedom to disagree with one another, but it is completely unacceptable (and illegal) to vandalize property in disagreement. As a public school district, we have an obligation to protect not only our students, but their rights.”

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