Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Spills Biden Family Secrets to Breitbart

The news just keeps getting worse for Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family as the election nears. In an exclusive report from Breitbart News, Americans learned that there was even more to the dirty business dealings between Hunter Biden and various suspicious characters.

One of Hunter’s former business associates, Bevan Cooney, who is now serving time in federal prison over his dirty financial deals connected to Hunter Biden, turned over 26,000 emails to Breitbart’s Peter Schweizer, who spoke to his interview with Cooney on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM 125.

“Bevan Cooney was business partners with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer,” Schweizer said on Breitbart News Saturday. “He was a nightclub owner—he owns the Viper Room in Los Angeles, and got involved in these financial deals,” Schweizer explained to listeners. “He ended up going to jail and really feels that he was the fall guy.”

The now incarcerated Cooney apparently reached out to the reporter in 2019 after his book “Secret Empires” came out in 2018. They initially talked about the emails, but they were never produced for Schweizer’s review and the Biden partner ended up going to jail.

“He recently reached out through Matt Tyrmand, a journalist, and said I want to give you access to all of my emails in my Gmail account,” Schweizer went on. “He gave us written approval to do that, and gave us the password. We have been going through the 26,000 emails. The article that we ran on Breitbart, about China, Inc., is the first of what are going to be several.”

Schweizer first cited a story of how Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, and his business partners set up a meeting for a group called the China Entrepreneurs Club, which, according to the reporter, is very closely affiliated with the Chinese communist government.

“This China Entrepreneurs Club wanted meeting at the highest levels of the White House and Hunter Biden arranged them,” Schweizer said on Saturday. “We don’t know about this because it appeared on the White House visitors logs or the White House calendar—it doesn’t. We know about it because the Chinese that were on that trip bragged about it in their blog posts back in China that they had this private secret meeting with Joe Biden.

“Out of that sprang relationships and business deals that Hunter Biden and his business partners were apparently able to take advantage of so it demonstrates how this access with the participation of Joe Biden translated into commercial deals down the road.”

“The emails, there are different types of emails,” Schweizer said. “Many of the emails are the business partners discussing, without Hunter’s participation, what Hunter’s role is in all of this. What’s very clear, …  is Hunter brings no money to the table. But he is considered the avenue to the [Obama] administration.

“There are emails that talk about how they are going to do business deals where they want to get union pension money and that Hunter is going to leverage the relationships that his dad has with public employee unions to get that money.”

The reporter went on to talk about a “Biden business model” where he essentially traded completely on his last name and connection to the White House to broker deals, not only in China and Russia (including with individuals involved in organized crime) but also in the middle east.

“So there’s quite a bit of material there—26,000 emails, some of them obviously are personal. We’re not going to disclose anything that is personal,” Schweizer said.

“What you’re really seeing in these emails is the underbelly of how these relationships and corrupt deals happen,” Schweizer said. “There’s no question about that, and that’s one of the things I think people are going to get. They’re going to get an inside look …” the reporter said, going on to specify that “these are totally separate from the New York Post emails.”

“I don’t have access and have not had access to those emails and what we are dealing with in our case is … They are timestamped. These are real. These are genuine.

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