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Idiot threatens to ‘beat the s**t out of’ about 20 NYPD officers. But they soon give him a much-needed dose of reality.

A man apparently took cellphone video of himself traipsing down a New York City sidewalk — with uniformed police officers lined up against a building — and actually started threatening them.

The bewildering clip — posted Monday to Twitter — depicts what appears to be the videographer sizing up the long line of about 20 officers and raining down threats, insults, and multiple N-words upon them.

imageImage source: Twitter video screenshot

The diverse group — consisting of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, as well as one officer who appeared to be wearing a head covering — uttered hardly a word and simply stared the man down.

He then turned his attention to a “small” officer in particular: “I’m gonna f*** with you! I’m gonna f*** with you!”

But soon the cop appeared to invite the loudmouthed man to try — and the officer put his helmet down and drew his nightstick, keeping it ready just in front of him:

imageImage source: Twitter video screenshot

Still the man kept right on taunting the officer saying, “Me and you? Together? By ourselves? … I will f*** you up, badly. You hear me? I’m gonna f*** you up somethin’ different … your DNA would be under my sneaker motherf***er!”

But alas, our hero’s time was just about up — and the officers appeared to have enough of his tiresome boasts, converging on him suddenly and shutting down his routine.

Content warning: Profanity, racial slurs

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