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Ilhan Omar Isn’t Just Part of the Swamp, She’s Swimming Around in It

Ilhan Omar is the epitome of a swamp monster. She may be a freshman in the House of Representatives, but she learned quickly what it means to be a corrupt Dem. Instead of dipping her toes into the swamp of Capitol Hill, she has decided to dive right in, choosing to be as corrupt as everything else.

The proof of corruption is catching up to her, too. She’s such an arrogant politician that she didn’t even bother to try to hide it. The paper trail led right to what she had done – and how she managed to give her husband’s company millions of dollars.

As if failing her constituents wasn’t enough of a crime, Ilhan Omar has been using her husband’s firm to handle all of her campaign activity. Illegal? No. Shady? Absolutely.

According to the FEC, the swamp monster has managed to funnel over $228,000 in the last quarter alone to the E Street Group. This is the same group owned by her husband, Tim Mynett. The payments cover everything from digital services to fundraising. So, for the totality of 2020, the firm has earned over $1 million.

When people donate to a politician, they expect the money to go to good use. However, donating to Ilhan Omar means that they’re padding her own pockets. Because earning a salary of over $100,000 to spew hate at the country you supposedly love isn’t enough.

If only this were the only shady thing that the Congresswoman has done since getting into office. However, she enjoys swimming in the swamp so much so that she has faced countless financial and personal issues. She’s not the most transparent person, even though she demands it of everyone in the GOP.

Ilhan Omar has learned to be two-faced with the best of them. She has had campaign finance violations and has been very secretive over past marriages. She’s even faced a potential violation over a memoir she published due to a House ethics rule.

As one does when covered in swamp mud, they don’t fess up. They don’t answer questions. When anyone has bothered to visit the swamp to ask questions of her, she dodges. She calls them conspiracy theories and smears. Wow, those sound like answers that someone would give if they’re trying to hide something.

Ilhan Omar has only been out to help herself since the very beginning. She’s not looking to help America. She’s not looking to make America great again. She’s looking to dismantle America, and those are the exact words she’s used on more than one occasion. She’s looking to pocket as much money as she can – even though she’ll claim otherwise.

It’s no wonder why she and Trump don’t get along. He has identified her as the true swamp monster that she is. She doesn’t know how to survive in anything other than the swamp. Meanwhile, he’s trying to drain it – leaving her without a home to live in.

Omar’s campaign has used Mynett’s firm more than any other firm. 44 percent of her spending goes to her husband’s firm – and that’s not the way it’s supposed to go when you’re playing it on the up and up.

As if she couldn’t be shadier about her finances and her relationship, she and Mynett tied the knot in March of this year. However, their financial relationship started before then. How long were they romantically involved before getting married? She seems to be at a loss of words. Perhaps the swamp may be cutting off her circulation, preventing her from functioning as a normal human being.

Now that Trump has outed her for the beast that she is, she’s finding it harder to hide from the spotlight. More and more accusations are being thrown her way. Trump isn’t the only one calling her out. Antone Melton-Meaux is calling her out – and coming for her seat in the primaries on August 11. He called her out for someone who has one of the worst voter attendance records in the House.  Perhaps with a bit of coaxing, the right people can urge her out of the muddied waters once and for all.

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