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‘Is it only a pandemic if you are a conservative?’: Meghan McCain rips ‘mixed messaging’ on crowds

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain unleashed her fury on Tuesday over the “mixed messaging” being spread by those in the media who have promoted the ongoing nationwide Black Lives Matter protests during the COVID-19 pandemic, but are now criticizing President Donald Trump for resuming his campaign rallies citing risk of spreading the virus.

What are the details?

During “The View,” the panel discussed whether President Trump was endangering his own supporters by scheduling a rally for Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Co-host Sunny Hostin argued it was “despicable” for the campaign to plan the event, and Joy Behar lambasted the president, saying he clearly does not care about Americans.

McCain asked Behar, “Do you think [Democratic New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo cared about people’s health when he moved old people around to nursing homes that were COVID positive?” pointing out that many people died due to Cuomo’s decision.

“There’s a lot of hypocrisy to go around,” McCain continued. “This is one of the issues that I’m really enraged about. I don’t think anyone should be in giant rallies right now because we’ve been told by medical experts it’s not safe, but the message from the media is as long as you are protesting something or going to a rally that is of the right politics you can do it and we’re going to ignore the spread of COVID. So going to a Trump rally is somehow much more dangerous than going to a rally in Brooklyn over the weekend.”

McCain explained:

What we’re seeing is a lot of anger festering up. When you’re seeing people who are now taking it into their own hands and going and opening up playgrounds in Brooklyn because [Democratic New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio won’t let them [enter], but at the same time hundreds of thousands of people can go protest in Brooklyn. The messaging is very confusing for people.

We can laugh all we want on here, but this is the most angry I’ve seen a lot of people I know in the center and on the right because the messaging is very confusing. Is COVID a pandemic that we all have to stay sheltered in place and inside, or is it not? Or is it only a pandemic if you are a conservative and a Trump supporter and then you have to stay inside and you’re a hypocrite if you sign this waiver and you go into this rally, but you’re not a hypocrite if you go protest someplace else.

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