Is This Biden’s Most Confusing Moment Yet?

Biden has done it again…unfortunately all we can do at this point is just wonder as to what exactly Joe Biden is saying. Even when his words are clear, you’ve also got to wonder out what on earth he was thinking. 

Biden has previously said to the New York Times that he judges potential VP candidates like “calendar models” with three broad categories: Mr. August, Mr. October, or Mr. January. A Mr. August has a shot of momentum in the summer, a Mr. October is a reliable and effective campaigner for the fall, and a Mr. January is a governing partner with politics notwithstanding. I wish I could say I were joking but this is all in The New York Times.

Can we just say that comparing the candidates to a binder of women is probably not a good look for him, especially since he is being accused of sexual assault and inappropriate touching. The media, as always, will give him a pass. If a Republican actually said this though? Heaven help us all. 

Recently Biden had been having a chat with his former primary opponent Andrew Yang in which he had another “what the heck” moment. He asked Yang what the big ideas were for getting back to work. The way he asked it was…strange. “If you were the emperor right now, you’re running the show. What are the big ideas?” Biden asked. Yikes.

We don’t have “emperors” in this country but I’d love to know what country Biden thinks we’re in at the moment. Or is that how he perceives the job? Picking VPs like calendar models, now ruling the oval office as an emperor? This all sounds very unsettling, like some sort of political fiefdom we don’t need at the moment. Also, where are the Liberals who scream “racist!” at everything. Yang is of Chinese heritage and Biden making a questionable racial comment should be alarming to the media that loves to jump over each and every word out of President Trump’s mouth. 

Biden describing Obama is even missing in the media’s criticisms. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man” – to “put you all back in chains,” “slight Indian accent”, and many other remarks that the news platforms have so easily missed. 

We should also be concerned if Biden is only NOW looking for the “big idea” in planning and reopening. President Trump and the state governors have been talking and working on this issue for some time now. But, of course, Biden is virtually behind on everything. He dresses himself up, tries to seem relevant, and wants to talk about seemingly important issues, but comes up short every time leaving us with more questions than answers. 

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