Is This Still America? Biden Supporters Perform Satanic Rituals Eating Bleeding Heart Symbolic of Trump’s (Video)

Antifa has caused no shortage of issues over the course of the past few months. Those of us who have been paying attention to the news as of late have definitely noticed. While the mainstream media does what they can to diminish these stories, social media is filled with all sorts of bewildering stories like this one.

The group that is best known for causing all sorts of destruction has now moved onto satanic rituals. They are now drinking blood and squeezing hearts in the middle of the street. What does any of this have to do with the causes that they claim to be supporting? None of this has any relation to the issues that the nation is currently experiencing.

Once the demons from Antifa were done with this step of the proceedings, things proceeded to become even more ghoulish. A United States flag was set on fire. “Praise to the chaos god!” chants began to ring out through the crowd. The streets are filled with pure evil and we are terrified to think of how much worse this is going to get.

If anyone who identifies as a conservative was wondering what we are up against this year, this story says it all. Anyone who is trying to minimize this threat does not realize how serious things have gotten. Stillgray shared a video of the ritual and it is beyond terrifying. Twitter is filled with posts like these at the moment.

The mainstream media will continue to stand idly by and do nothing about what is taking place. They could call attention to what Antifa is doing but that’s the last thing that they want. The police that they are looking to defund cannot do their jobs as easily and this is the price that we are paying. The streets are filled with nut jobs who have zero regard for the world around them.

Do you think these people ever stopped to consider the fact that children would probably end up seeing these disgusting displays? The realAlTheGreat account also provided a closer look at what is really going on. “Antifa burn the US flag and eat a heart symbolic of the President during an anti-democrat violence protest in #Boston #Massachusetts on 10.18.2020,” their tweet reads.

The left is never going to step up and take out their own trash because that process is too tough for them. Instead of taking accountability, they point their dirty fingers at the right-wing. Nothing is ever about what they do. They are typically able to flip it onto someone else, making it their problem instead. Biden is encouraging this behavior and the buck will continue to be passed.

There’s no aspect of his campaign that can properly address the violence in our nation’s streets. No one is even clamoring for it, at least on the left side of the aisle. They are expecting all of these issues to go away when they have waved their magic Biden wand. The sheer number of people on the left who seem to think that the country will return to normal if their candidate wins is stunning.

Anyone who thinks that way right now is not paying attention. The issues are only going to get worse if Biden is elected. He is someone who is more concerned with catering to the fickle tastes of the hysterical left than helping Americans who are truly in need. Harris is following right in his sleepy footsteps as we speak.

We are not surprised in the least. At this point, we are wondering what Antifa would have to do in order to get people to realize that they are dangerous. Months of violence did not get the point across. Trump’s insistence on sending federal officers to the cities that are being terrorized has not been met with the proper urgency. Every day seems to be just like the one that preceded it now.

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