Isn’t It Ironic? Progressives Want Biden to Act Just Like Trump

For four years, we had to listen to the progressive liberals kick and scream when Trump took action outside of Congress. Within the first 100 days, Trump sent through quite a few executive orders in order to shape the country more toward where it needed to be for the future. Republicans applauded while progressives had meltdowns.

The main reason for the meltdown? He was jamming legislation through using executive orders instead of sending bills through the Senate and House.

Now, progressives are willing to look the other way so that Biden can do the same thing.

Quite a few progressives are suggesting that Biden sign executive orders as quickly as possible to prevent the media from having a chance to cover it all. That way, it would reduce the amount of backlash.

So, they’re already admitting that the sheer number of executive orders would create a backlash. And, yet, they’re telling Biden to do it anyway.

It wasn’t acceptable when Trump did it, but now the Democrats want Biden to do the exact same thing. Hypocritical? Absolutely.

David Roberts, a blogger for Vox, tweeted that Biden should “run a full-on blitz” as soon as he is inaugurated. Why? Well, Roberts believes that it would allow Biden to do “as much good on as many fronts as fast as possible.”

“Good” is questionable, however. If it were up to Roberts, Biden would “fix” the agencies, restore the rules, and forgive the debt. That is definitely a socialist talking. The agencies don’t need to be fixed because they’re operating just fine. He doesn’t specify what agencies have to be fixed, but he’s likely referring to ones that focus on policing and immigration.

As for the “rules,” there are rules in place that Trump created in order to protect the country from itself. There are better tax rules since Trump came into office. It also helps to minimize the effects of illegal immigration.

Forgiving the debt, well, no one wants debt. However, the federal government cannot simply make all of the debt disappear. To say that the government should make the debt disappear has clearly never had to balance a checkbook – the numbers simply don’t add up.

The founder of Vox and editor-at-large, Ezra Klein, agrees with Roberts’ suggestion, adding that it’s important to “just flood the zone with executive action.”

Trump signed a total of 30 executive orders within his first 100 days. Obama signed 19 while George W. Bush signed 11. It’s not a contest. It’s all about what needs to get done.

How many executive orders are actually being considered? It’s too soon to tell. If Biden listens to the progressives, the number could be well over 30. And what would they entail? It could end up reversing a significant amount of legislation that was enacted by the entire Trump administration for the past four years.

If Biden listens to enough of the liberals, who knows what kind of legislation could be passed? It may allow for more benefits to illegal immigrants. It may allow for student loan debt to be wiped out. Unemployment benefits could continue. With all of the promises of either handing people money or wiping out debts, Biden may make history.

It’s not the kind of history that any president would want to make, though. Jamming the gates with executive orders could end up bankrupting the country. Joe Biden is the kind of man that doesn’t have the backbone to say “no” to those around him. He’s desperate to be liked. He’ll promise anyone anything just so that he can stay in power.

While there’s the hope that Kamala Harris can talk some sense into him, she may be just as corrupt as he is. However, we have to hope because the fate of the country could be forever damaged within the first 100 days of Biden taking office. And why? Because the progressives want him to be even more ruthless than they accused Trump of being.

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