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Judge Tells Feds in Portland “Don’t Target Press” While Feds Say “Everyone Else Is a Target” as Tensions Escalate

When a Democrat hates something about the country and it affects them, they run to the courts seeking a way to stop the matter from taking place. Every time President Trump issues an executive order, they run to file an injunction. Each time a Republican-run city issues a new law, they enlist the help of people like the ACLU to harass and halt the change. Democrats only want chaos and disorder. And they will do whatever it takes to see that it happens.

The ACLU is a liberal nuthouse that fights against anything sane and rational. They got a liberal Oregon Federal Judge named Michael Simon to issue a restraining order against the Department of Homeland Security and the Us Marshals Service. Their reasoning behind the move defies all logic and is certainly selfishly based. The order keeps law enforcement from engaging the press or “attorney observers” from the ACLU. They cannot stand the fact that the police are doing their job and stopping crime before it takes over.

The ACLU has nothing but hatred for the United States. The order is nothing more than a cover for rioters to be able to claim they are observers while secretly destroying public and private property. They cried about the agents using crime-stopping methods to disperse violent crowds. But there is no common sense in the liberal’s head that would tell them not to mix with the crowd if they did not want to get arrested.

The order is superficial and cannot be taken seriously. Judge Simon tells the police that they need to be able to determine who is who before taking any action. And that the police should not be purposely targeting press people and these so-called observers. What Simon should have done is thrown the court case out the window. It is ridiculous to think that the police now have to have permission from people to make them stop committing crimes.

Judge Simon made the agencies communicate the issue to the officers. The directive stated that “Ladies & Gentlemen:  Judge Simon authorized federal law enforcement agents to use all available crowd control measures at the rioters.  Make it happen.  P.S.  Don’t shoot at the press unless they are in the way.” The point is that Antifa and others are getting in the faces of the police and are being beaten as a result. So, stay away from the police.

The standing plan for federal agents is to stay hidden until the crowd goes crazy. If the crowd stays peaceful, then the agents do not have to go to work. The issue now is that there are no peaceful protestors left. They got sick of the violence and returned to their peaceful lives back home. The ones that are left provoke the police until they get hit and then they blame it on the cops for them having to take action.

The Democrats want the federal agents out of Portland. But these agents cannot leave until peace is restored. If they back out now, it will send a message to every Antifa member that they are free to attack the police. Simply because their resolve is weak, and they will eventually leave. Portland would be overrun if the federal agents were to leave and go home.

President Trump gave liberal mayors and governors plenty of time to put a stop to the violence before he would send agents in to clean up the mess. The liberals stuck their noses in the air and let the creeps continue to destroy each city. And now that the president has taken action, they are continuing to resist instead of working with the agents to restore law and order to the areas affected by the violence.

The federal agents have more than just crowd control on their minds. They are looking for any protestor that is purposely committing riot offenses. To engage in such activities is to violate federal law. The clueless Democrats do not see the big picture. President Trump is seeking to bring down the ring leaders. He knows how to play their games. And all he has to do is wait them out.

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